Feathers – The end of the Line


Feathers has been running for nearly a month and when it started there were 11 participants (or maybe there were 13, but some dropped out so early, I can’t remember who they were!).  It ends today with the publishing of the last three full images and the final scorecard.  Well done to the four members who finished the course.  You might even find your days a bit empty without the quiz to look at and puzzle over!

Gavin and Cynthia Turner are the overall winners, followed by Ed and Sally Meyer, Johan and Imogen Groenewald and John and Sheelagh Bowman.  I have also put the percentage positive answers on the spreadsheet and these show that Coerie would probably have been overall winner had he pursued the course, as he got no less than 93% of his entries correct, followed by the Turners with 88%.

I have to admit that it was not always an easy matter to identify the birds.  There were some ambiguities, making it even more amazing that you did so well.  I apologise for the questionable pictures and thank you all for taking part.  I certainly enjoyed it and it at least gave some of us some birding to do during the lockdown.

Here are yesterday’s birds;

Birds of Prey Course


Anton Odendal is running a course as per his mail to John;

Dear John,

Hope this finds you well and healthy. We have taken the plunge with online courses and are extremely happy with the reactions to our introductory garden birds course that is currently running. Find attached the announcement of our raptor course that we will be launching at the end of the month. It will be appreciated if you would consider forwarding this to your members, friends and colleagues and encourage them to join in the fun.

Your support of this will be appreciated.

Warm regards.


‘The Secret Worlds of Birds of Prey’ online course

Feathers – Day 23


Yesterday was certainly a hard day!  It makes me realise how difficult it is to ID a bird without seeing all of it and without getting an idea of it’s habitat, jizz, etc.


For today we have the following, with Number F68 worth 3 points and 2 points each for F67 and F69!

An appeal from BirdLife SA – and a fantastic prize to be won!


BirdLife South Africa’s staff have been working remotely for almost 12 weeks and, very pleasingly, our team remain hardworking and productive.

The future is not going to be easy, but we’re planning for how we adapt and how we are innovative, especially in terms of fundraising. We need to continue to support our important bird conservation work and, with the world’s current and predicted future economic difficulties, it will certainly not be easy!

One of our 2020 fundraising initiatives is a raffle. The prize was going to be an all-expenses paid birding trip for two to Brazil, but Covid-19 put paid to that prize. We therefore changed it to a R100,000 cash prize.

We’re selling 1000 tickets at R500 each and thus far we have sold just under 500 tickets, so we’re halfway there. We would like to sell the remaining tickets as our organisation needs this funding to support our important work.

I am hoping that each of our 41 affiliated bird clubs would sell 10 tickets, which would mean that we’d then reach our target. I am therefore writing to ask whether Hermanus Bird Club would assist with ticket sales.

The details of the raffle are at https://www.birdlife.org.za/jackpot-birding/ and in the attached. Note that the entries close at midnight on 12 July 2020, with the draw taking place three days later.

We’d be grateful for your bird club’s assistance.


Mark D. Anderson

Feathers – Day 21

We are nearing the end.  Yesterday was not a very good day, but Gavin and Cynthia had no problems and continue their march to he finishing line.


For today we have;