Pat Busch

24 lucky members of the HBC recently visited Pat Busch. A delightful area set amongst the mountains.

One gets thirsty travelling so a stop at Van Loveren was essential. We did some birding there but only found 39 varieties that day – we were accompanied by 2 very active dogs which may have been the reason we didnt see more. After a jovial wine tasting we arrived at Pat Busch. Settled into our various accommodation unit – from two sleepers to 10 and then went looking for some bird action on the farm. The evening was spent braaing in a very congenial spirit. Next morning we were up bright and breezy and off to the Vrolijkheid Reserve – the drive was amazing as there was a low lying fog which had the mountains and higher points sticking through. Beautiful. We wandered around the reserve and enjoyed the karoo birds before spending time in the hides and we had some excellent sightings there to. The weather got cooler and set up the evening meal inside the house – the men doing the braaiing in the cold. The evening was full of fun and comraderie. Full marks goes to the teams on both nights for a wonderful and sumptuous array of starters, veg and salad and sweets. Everyone was going home heavier. One of our team got struck by an unknown allergy and is trying, as we speak to get to the bottom of it. Not a good experience but full marks to the Robertson Hospital. No mention of birds – well not yet – the team managed to get 99 varieties while we were at Pat Busch – a worhtwhile number is so short a time.

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