Great Spotted Cuckoo

There’s excitement in the birding world again as a Great Spotted Cuckoo has been identified near Klipheuwel.

On ticking this bird, avid birder John Graham became the first person to ever crack the 500 species mark in the Western Cape. Congratulations from Hermanus Bird Club!

Great Spotted Cuckoo

Great Spotted Cuckoo

If  you are planning add the Cuckoo to your life-list, here are the directions as per Brian Vanderwalt:

If you are coming from Cape Town your best bet is to take the N7 towards Malmesbury. Go past the Melkbos R27 turnoff, past the Engen Garage on the left and turn right toPhiladelphia. Go past Philadelphia and stay on this road till it reaches a “T” junction which is theDurbanville/Klipheuwel Road.  Turn left to Klipheuwel and go over the railway line and as you come down the bridge you will turn right on a tar road.  Follow that road around the bend until you come to a large Port Jackson thicket on your right.  You will cross a small stream.  We saw the bird on the ground in the open field on the left catching caterpillars.  All you saw was a whitish bird in the short grass.  After feeding for some time it flew into a 1m high round shrub where it was sitting when I left.    Coming from Durbanville, take the Wellington Rd to Klipheuwel and pick up the tar road to the right after the railway line bridge.  Remember there are road works so expect delays if you are in a hurry and needing to get back to work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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