Mike Ford’s ringing site

Well, not quite Mike’s, but the Aras River Ringing site in Turkey where he is spending three months ringing the migrants. This is the third time that Mike’s been there and from his presentation to the club we are aware of the importance of this wetland.
Cagan Sekercioglu from the University of Utah, Salt Lake City sent out this email yesterday:
“On this Earth Day, I ask your support to save one of Turkey’s most important wetlands, the Aras River wetlands that is also my long-term ornithological research site. We have documented 240 of Turkey’s 470 bird species here, and 40% of all of Turkey’s land vertebrate species. More are likely to occur. This site meets 4 different criteria of a Ramsar wetland of global importance, but is about to be destroyed by a dam. Further details are in the petition below. I’d be grateful if you can sign it and spread the word through social media (Facebook & Twitter)”

Please take the trouble to visit the website and if you feel strongly enough, add your name to the petition.
I hope Mike won’t mind if I share with you a photo of his ‘dream bird’ which he managed to ring one late afternoon at the end of March – and then put it in a cardboard box till the next morning to take this photo!

Pallid Harrier

Pallid Harrier

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