February 2014

Welcome to new members Victor Carkeek, Brenda Lombaard & Charmaine Vogel and Erina de Jager & Lynda Jones who re-joined the club. We hope you will join in, and enjoy the activities organized by the committee.

Herewith our programme for February:

Thursday 6th – meet at Fernkloof at 07:00 to consolidate transport for a day outing to De Mond Nature Reserve led by member Chris Cheetham.
Birding is excellent at De Mond at the moment so don’t miss this outing. Bring along binoculars & a scope if you have, sunhat, refreshments, swimming costume, petrol contribution, Wild Card or R40 entrance fee.

Wednesday 12th to Friday 14th – outing to de Hoop, fully booked.

Wednesday 19th – Evening meeting at Fernkloof at 19:00. Member Charles Naud√©’s presentation is titled ‘Birds I View’. Charles will show us a selection of his favourite and amazing bird photos.

2 comments on “February 2014

  1. Hi Barbara

    Just got back from Arniston and have a few interesting pics and info which I will share later.

    In the meanwhile I just wanted to tell you that we went to De Hoop yesterday and were very disappointed. Its a lovely area as we all know with normally good birding on the Vlei.

    However the water levels are very high and there were only a handful of Greater Crested Grebes and a few coots to be seen in front of the restaurant. We then decided to drive down to the bottom (southern) De Mond end as we normally do. The road just before the turn-off to Kopie Aleen is under water with blue barrels blocking the road. They have a temporary bypass to the KA / DM road. The road to the DM side was also blocked off with blue plastic drums which meant we could not get anywhere near the vlei even though we could see lots of birds in the distance and there seemed not to be any reason why one could not proceed at least some of the way to the bottom gate. If not all the way.

    So we went back to the reception office and explained that we had come to see the water birds and asked; 1) were there any further flooded portions on that road. 2) could we not anyway bypass the drums and go as far as we were able bearing in mind that it is quite a long way to drive to get to DH and petrol is expensive. And accommodation even more so if you are staying there! 3) had there been any alerts put out about flooding restricting bird viewing. 4) if necessary could I see the ranger in charge.

    The answer was: 1) she did not know the extent of the flooding 2) the ranger did not want anyone to drive on the DM road 3) did not know if any alerts had been put out 4) could not see the ranger in charge without an appointment!

    We have no issues with the receptionist as she obviously was only doing as she was instructed – but clearly birders are not considered to be worthwhile customers!

    We then gave up and headed back for an afternoon at De Mond with the tide now being low and the sand/mud banks now visible!

    Hope you have better luck than us!

    Cheers Mike

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