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Barbara Palmer, who retired as Club President in March, tells how she and husband Graham kept their promise by revisiting the West Coast.

Gavin and Cynthia Turner experienced the almost miraculous rescue of severely threatened bird species, including the South Island Saddleback, on a tiny predator-free islet in the south of New Zealand. 

Ronnie Hazell found two lifers – and lots of other beautiful and interesting things – when he and wife Rene went to Swaziland on a guided tour.

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Fiscal with a difference

Club member Barbara Palmer noticed a Common Fiscal with a difference in her Voëlklip garden on Sunday 15th June. It had a broad white supercilium (stripe above the eye).

She took some photographs and sent them to local expert and bird ringer Mike Ford and to Cape Birdnet. The response was that it was not the usual Fiscal with a feather aberration, but the subspecies subcoronatus, whose distribution is in the north of the country.

Barbara caught the bird as it was feeding on cheese along with Fiscal Flycatchers, carefully put it in a pillowcase and rushed to Mike Ford in Vermont. He took various measurements, identified it as a female and ringed it.

If anybody should notice this fiscal with a difference, having a metal ring on the right leg and an orange ring on the left leg, please inform Barbara or any member of the club committee.