Joyful birding in Elgin area

The August monthly walk on Jessie Walton’s farm and Iona Wine Estate near Elgin on Thursday was a joy.

The group of 27 birders was met by Jessie at the dams on the farm and spent a couple of hours in perfect weather scouring the dams and garden. They identified 44 species, among them Black Crake, Hamerkop, African Harrier Hawk (formerly Gymnogene), Purple Heron, Black-crowned Night Heron and Southern Pochard.

At Iona the group met owner Andrew Gunn, who will be joining our club. At his request we helped him to begin a bird list, spotting 24 species in a short time. The most notable was the Western Osprey. This was followed by a wine tasting in the cellar of the beautifully restored farm. 

For those interested Jessie will be having on open day on 24 September where one can walk around the farm and bird, buy some plants or enjoy the food and drinks they will be selling. If you wish to visit please email our chairman, Craig Holmes, at for details on how to get there.

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