Photo competition in June

All Club members are invited to enter one of their own bird photos for the annual Photo Competition on Members’ Evening – the monthly meeting at Fernkloof Reserve on Wednesday 17 June.

The photo must be of a wild bird that is free to roam. It must be a print of 20cm by 15cm (8 inches by 6 inches), mounted on an A4 sheet of paper, with a caption in front and the photographer’s name and telephone number at the back.

All entries should be handed in by 17:00. They will be put up on a wall in the meeting hall, where all members attending the meeting will do the judging between 17:30 and 18:00.

The formal meeting will begin at 18:00, at the end of which the winner and two runners up will be announced.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask Charles Naudé or any other Committee member. Contact details can be found on the Club website.

Birds in habitats @ De Hoop + Peter Ginn

A birding programme suitable for the usually unpredictable winter weather has been arranged at De Hoop Nature Reserve for the second week in June.

The programme, Local Birds in Local Habitats, comprising guided bird walks outdoors and lectures, presentations and discussions indoors, will be presented by Peter Ginn, experienced birder, author and tour operator from George. His latest coffee-table book, The Ultimate Companion for Birding in Southern Africa, co-edited with Geoff McIlleron from Nature’s Valley, was published last year.

Accommodation for the birding programme over five nights from Sunday 7 June to Fruday 12 June will be provided by De Hoop Collection.

Details of the programme, including costs, can be found at Peter Ginn Birding Itinerary – June 2015.

Monthly meeting with Bowmans at six

Did you know that Sri Lanka’s national bird, known as the Ceylon Junglefowl, is closely related to the ancestor of the common chicken?

It is also one of more than 20 (some say 23, others say 26) endemic birds of this island country the size of Ireland. The total number of bird species recorded there is close to 500, of which 219 are breeding residents.

If you want to hear and see more of the wonderful birds of Sri Lanka, come to the Club monthly meeting on Wednesday 20 May, when John and Sheelagh Bowman will do a presentation of their recent birding trip.

Please note that the meeting, in the Fernkloof Reserve Hall, begins at 18:00 – an hour earlier than the usual time. Tea, coffee and biscuits will be available afterwards. Vistors are welcome.

Members’ Evening

Club members who would like to do a presentation could get that opportunity on Members’ Evening, which is the monthly meeting in June.

On that evening, of Wednesday the 17th, there will be time for three short presentations of no more than 30 minutes each on any birding-related topic. Presentations should preferably be Powerpoint on a flash drive or memory stick.

If you have something appropriate to show and tell, please contact Charles Naudé at 083 309 1857 or

The evening will begin with the annual photographic competition that used to be part of the last meeting of the year. Details of the competition will be published on this website soon.

May morning walk in Vermont

The next club morning walk will be in Vermont on Thursday 7 May. The walk, led by Barbara Palmer, will cover the Coastal Path and the Salt Pan.

A variety of water birds can be expected, such as Cormorants (Duikers), African Oystercatchers (Swart Tobies), Herons and Egrets (Reiers), Flamingos (Flaminke), and with a little bit of luck, some raptors.

Birders wanting to take part should meet at the Jan Rabie Pool at 08:00. Bring along a snack and water. Visitors are welcome.