Remember Members’ Evening

Bird photography will be the theme of Members’ Evening – the Club monthly meeting this Wednesday, 17 June. It will take the form of a photo competition, photos from a birding trip to KwaZulu-Natal, and images showing what birds do. And there will be a book sale.

The meeting, at the Fernkloof Reserve Hall, begins with the annual photo competition. All Club members are invited to enter one of their own photos of a wild bird that is free to roam. It must be a print of 20cm by 15cm (8 inches by 6 inches), mounted on an A4 sheet of paper, with a caption in front and the photographer’s name and telephone number at the back.

All entries should be handed in by 17:00. They will be put up on a wall in the meeting hall, where all members attending the meeting will do the judging between 17:30 and 18:00.

The formal meeting will begin at 18:00 with a presentation by Gavin and Cynthia Turner called “KwaZulu-Natal in August 2014”. It is based on their birding trip there and they will show a good variety of birds.

That will be followed by a selection of bird images by Charles Naudé, mostly taken locally, called “What Birds Do”. 

There will be a book sale before and after the meeting. Any member can buy any book in exchange for a donation. The donations will be used to fund a new Club laptop for presentations.

5 comments on “Remember Members’ Evening

  1. Have u made an error by putting 17 May instead of 17 June? Maybe u must just send it again with the correction for the dozen ones!!

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