Morning outing to Jessie’s farm

The Club’s September morning outing is to Ian and Jessie Walton’s farm in the Elgin Valley on Thursday the 3rd.

The farm, Keurbos Nursery, specialises in indigenous plants and Heritage Roses. Jessie, having a vast knowledge of indigenous gardening, offers personalised landscaping services.

But the main attraction from a birding point of view is that she has created a bird-friendly environment on the farm, with dams and bird hides.

The Waltons added part of a neighbouring farm recently, with a log cabin overlooking a dam. They have turned the cabin into a guest house aimed at birders, and have been doing a massive amount of work to try and get rid of fields of scotch thistle, and to start establishing some indigenous plants. The idea is to do quite a large fynbos area as well as a ‘forest’ area. There is currently a large gum forest in which a pair of Jackal Buzzards are breeding.

We meet at the Onrust Trading Post on Thursday at 07:45 to consolidate transport. Bring your own snacks.

The outing will be lead by Barbara Palmer (083 659 3303).

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