A tale of a favourite vulture

In reaction to the previous post, Club member Mike Ford wrote: 

Nice post about the vultures! They really do need every bit of help if they are to survive.

My favourite was always the Egyptian Vulture, which is labelled as “extinct” in the Southern African region. However, from time to time there appeared a report in some remote part of the region of a sighting of this beautiful little vulture, and in my “twitching days” my birding pals and I would jump into a car and go off to try to locate the source of the report, but always without luck.

I finally saw the elusive species in 2011 in eastern Turkey. What a mixture of feelings – relief to have seen the species at last and disgust at seeing them trolling through the garbage dump outside the village and covered in muck. Suddenly the bird went from desirable and mysterious species to just another poor creature scratching to survive among the leavings of humanity.

An Egyptian Vulture. Image by 'Free picture' website

An Egyptian Vulture. Image by ‘Free picture’ website

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