Rarities seen in pairs


Story and images: Mike and Helen MacNaught

Last Wednesday Helen and I decided to go and look for Barbara Palmer’s Kestrels. (See story below.)

Hungry Jackal Buzzards

Mother Jackal Buzzard (Rooibors-jakkalsvoël) and hungry Junior

That morning it was very windy and overcast and we were in two minds about going – but fortunately we did.

Everything seemed to be in pairs on the Stanford / Akkedisbergpas road.

First a pair of Martial Eagles (Breëkop-arende). Next a pair of Jackal Buzzards (Rooibors-jakkalsvoëls), then European Rollers (Europese Troupante) and Lesser Kestrels (Kleinrooivalke).

White Stork

White Stork (Wit-ooievaar)

Although we looked carefully we missed out on seeing Noah’s Ark . . .

We watched the pair of Jackal Buzzards for about ten minutes. Junior was really annoyed with mother and kept on scolding her. She simply ignored him.

Once through the pass we saw a real feeding frenzy. Lots of Steppe Buzzards (Bruinjakkalsvoëls), Jackal Buzzards, Yellow-billed Kites (Geelbekwoue), a Lesser Kestrel and Rock Kestrel (Kransvalk). Also plenty of White Storks (Wit-ooievaars).

A really worthwhile morning’s birding.


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