Founder member passed away


By Vanessa Ovenstone

Michael Ward was a founder member of the Hermanus Bird Club. He loved being out in Nature and spent many hours in the Kruger Park, identifying and learning more about various birds.

Michael and Chloe Ward

Michael and Chloe Ward at the 10th birthday of the Club in 2007, where they received founder member certificates.

He said that the pleasure of birding added a whole new dimension to his visits.

The Club was started in 1997, soon after Michael and his wife, Chloe, had moved to Hermanus, adding  lots of great birding experiences and friends to his life.

Right to the end, he would sit on his patio with a copy of The Birds of Walker Bay handy, so he could identify and study birds and their habits.

This kind, interesting, interested and intellectual man will be sorely missed.

He died peacefully on 9 February, less than a month before he would have turned 85.

He is survived by Chloe, four children and three stepchildren.

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