Prepare for the unexpected and the exotic in May

A morning walk at a place where you could expect to see the unexpected, and the story of an exotic birding trip, should offer some excitement for Club members during May.

The morning walk, on Thursday 5 May, will be at the Strandfontein water purification dams, and Rondevlei Bird Sanctuary, both near Muizenberg. Especially Standfontein is almost regularly visited by unusual birds. Even if no unexpected bird should turn up, Strandfontein usually offers a good variety of more regular local water birds.


A Toucan, one of the colourful birds of Costa Rica. Source unknown.

The convoy, led by Barbara and Graham Palmer, will depart from the Onrust Trading Post at 07:30. Bring your own refreshments for the day.

The story of the exotic birding trip will be presented by John and Sheelagh Bowman at the Club monthly meeting on Wednesday 18 May. The title will be “Costa Rica Birding Adventure 2016”.

Among the more than 850 species in this tiny Central American country are some of the most colourful birds imagineable. The species total is not far from that of Southern Africa, but more than that of the United States and Canada combined.

The meeting, in the Fernkloof Reserve Hall, will be the first of the year to begin at 18:00 – an hour earlier than the meetings in summer time.

2 comments on “Prepare for the unexpected and the exotic in May

  1. So sorry I’ll miss John and Sheelagh’s presentation. Meanwhile having my own “American Adventure” here in the canyonlands of Utah. See you in June.
    Mike Ford

  2. We miss you too, Mike! Looking forward to your presentation on banding the American way!

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