Photo competition on Members’ Evening


Part of the fun on Members’ Evening, Wednesday 22 June, will be a Bird Photo competition, where members will be free to take part as contestants and as judges.

The meeting will be at the Fernkloof Reserve Hall. It will start at 18:00, and will include three short presentations by members, and something to eat.

Club members wishing to attend must please book with Chairman Craig Holmes (028 313 2458 or 083 227 9003 or for catering purposes.

In the competition, photos will be judged in three categories – Best Bird Photo, Best Fun Photo and Catchiest Caption. The rules are simple.

Each member may enter up to three bird photos. The bird or birds in the photo must have been wild and free to roam. No chickens or captured or escapee exotics.

Each photo must be mounted on or stuck to an A4-size sheet, with a caption written or typed on the same side as the photo, and the member’s name and telephone number on the back.

Entries must be handed in at the Fernkloof Hall by 17:30 on the day of the meeting. Judging will be from 18:00 to 18:30. Each member attending the meeting will have one vote in each category.

The presentations will begin at 18:30, followed by the announcement of the winners of the photo competition. Boerewors rolls will be served, and wine and soft drinks sold by the glass.

4 comments on “Photo competition on Members’ Evening

  1. Regret we cannot attend as away at present. Have a good evening

    Mike and Kathy Bryan

    Sent from my iPad


  2. Good Morning Craig,

    Unfortunately we will not be able to attend. Please give our apologies. Many thanks, Keith & Carole McClarty

  3. Hi Craig

    Please may we attend tomorrow night’s Bird Club Meeting? Sorry, we did not appreciate that we had to book for this particular event!

    John and Carol

  4. Hello I have tried RSVP to the pscholmes address but it comes back as a permanent error.

    I and my niece will be attending tomorrow evening.

    Many thanks

    Monika von Oppell

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