Stanford, here we come (brrr . . .)


This month’s walk will be to Stanford on Thursday 7 July. It will be led by Mike and Helen Mac Naught. That is the plan.

If it turns out to be a pleasant, sunny day, and herons, kingfishers, flycatchers, a raptor or two and a variety of ducks present themselves along the bank of the Klein River and at the Appel Dam, it would be cool.

But rain, snow on the nearby mountains and/or an icy wind – to which this area is prone this time of the year – could make such an outing rather uncool.

At this stage sunny weather is forecast for Stanford on Thursday, but the morning temperature is expected to be only 4 degrees Celcius.

The organisers will keep an eye on the weather, and members will be informed on Wednesday.

If the walk does go ahead, members wishing to take part must be at the parking area near the entrance to the Fernkloof Reserve, across the road from the meeting hall, at 08:00.

Bring your own refreshments.

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