Lesser Flamingos still at Vermont Saltpan


A small group of Lesser Flamingos (Kleinflaminke) has been seen at the Vermont Saltpan over the last two months. They were feeding together with the many Greater Flamingos (Grootflaminke) that frequent the pan.

Greater and Lesser Flamingo-

A Greater (left) and Lesser Flamingo at the Saltpan, photographed by Mike Mac Naught on 12 June.

The first report, of about eight Lesser Flamingos, came from Mike Mac Naught on 12 June.

“They were together with the more usual Greater Flamingoes this morning,” he wrote. “The last time we saw them here was a few years back.”

Other members have seen them there since then.

The latest report came from John Bowman, on Friday 29 July. “I popped in at the pan this morning, and was pleasantly surprised to see two Lesser Flamingos among many Greater.

“This was only the second time in many years of visiting the pan that I’ve seen them there.

“It was interesting to watch their different feeding behaviours. The Lesser were swimming around in circles, skimming the surface water, while the Greater generally had their heads deep down, scratching the bottom.”

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