What should we do about the Quiz?


Is the Club’s annual Quiz in July a lost case?

It always goes with soup and sherry. This year wine was added. And everybody seemed to enjoy it.

This year the format was changed. Teams were mixed to form combinations of strong and less strong birders, giving everyone a chance to do well.

To add more excitement, the two local bird clubs each had a team participating in the other’s quiz.

“Despite the changes and the excitement, there was such a disappointing turn-out at our Quiz that I wonder if we should drop it from the calendar,” says Chairman Craig in his latest “Chirp”.  He would love to hear members’ comments.

Read the latest “Chirp”, dealing with this issue, and others,  by clicking the link above.

5 comments on “What should we do about the Quiz?

  1. As one of those who never organises a team in advance, I didn’t mind being allocated a team. I have divided thoughts on using books. Mike went so fast in any case that it was hard to look anything up. Perhaps we could encourage beginners more by having fewer questions and more time for each, with a bit of explanation on the answers. On the other had that might not suit the more competitive amongst the members.
    We certainly should not drop it though. Bear in mind that the weather was foul that night which I am sure put a lot of people off.

  2. We enjoyed the evening and the new team format–don’t stop the quiz–perhaps look into arranging at a warmer time

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