Remember the AGM tonight


There are four attractions to look forward to at tonight’s monthly meeting of the Club.

Firstly, and most important but not necessarily most attractive, is the annual general meeting, where the new Committee for the year ahead will be elected. Some excitement may be created by the new faces that will replace quite a few old faces on the Committee.

The next two items should attract more attention – Ronnie Hazell’s presentation on the Bird Challenge, and Mike Ford’s on “The life of birds”.

The fourth and last item should be the social highlight of the evening – snacks and drinks.

The meeting, in the Fernkloof Reserve Hall, will begin at 19:00. No liquid refreshments will be available before the very last item. Clear minds will be needed for the important decisions.

One comment on “Remember the AGM tonight

  1. Pls accept Sandy and Colin Anderson Sent apologiesWe will not be able to attend Rgds Colin 

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