A Change at the Editor’s Desk

By now you will all be familiar with your new committee, however, there will be more about the new members, once I get my act together.  In the meantime, I am the new editor of the Club’s blog, and I approach this task with some trepidation, having large boots to fill.  Charles has done the job so well over the past couple of years that he will be a hard act to follow, especially as he is a journalist by profession, and I barely passed Matric English!!

We will need to keep abreast of all the club’s activities and, in this regard, I need the assistance of all members.  Will all leaders of outings, walks, etc., please provide me with appropriate reports and photographs so that I can post them on the blog.  It is not always possible to attend all functions, so your co-operation is all that I can depend upon.  I hope to get many articles and anecdotes, so that we can ensure that the site is current and relevant.

I will also be starting a new page on the blog called ‘Recent Sightings’ and expect members to contribute by going to this page and adding sighting reports by way of comments.  This should keep all members abreast of what is happening, birdwise, in our area.  Once again, please use this facility, as it will not be viable unless people contribute regularly. Remember that what you may regard as a common sighting may well be of interest to other members

Keep on birding!    Ronnie Hazell

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