All you wanted to know about Important Bird Areas

Why should certain sites in South Africa be declared Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas (IBAs)? Where are these areas, and how are they identified and managed?


Dale Wright. Image by BirdLife SA.

Dale Wright, who will be the speaker at the Club meeting on Wednesday, could be called Mr IBA of the Western and Eastern Cape.

He focuses on the IBA Programme of BirdLife South Africa. More specifically, his job is to complete IBA Assessments of sites in these two provinces, and these are used to prioritise areas for conservation action.

According to BirdLife SA, the broader work programme requires his involvement in fundraising activities, building partnerships with other organisations, universities or members of the public, and commenting on development applications. He also sits on a number of steering committees and forums to ensure the needs of birds are accounted for in the management of various sites.

Dale will explain all you wanted to know about IBAs in his presentation on Wednesday 15 March in the Fernkloof Reserve Hall. The meeting begins a 19:00. Liquid refreshments will be available from 18:30. A voluntary donation of R10 per glass will be accepted.

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  1. Dear Sue and Craig

    We are really sad that we cannot attend the meeting on 15th March . Please accept our apologies. Best regards

    Camilla and Wolfgang

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