The 2017 Challenge

The 2017 Challenge is well on its way and we are into our second month.  Of course, the first month is the easiest and many challengers already have a substantial list.  This means that it gets harder to keep adding new birds, but this is why it is a challenge – because it pushes us to do more!

Needless to say Mike Ford is in top position with 404 points at the end of January.  He is followed by Ronnie Hazell with 361 points and Sheelagh Bowman who is on 289 points. For those of you who are new to this competition, points are awarded according to the degree of difficulty in spotting a particular bird; thus a Cape Robin Chat is worth 1 point, whereas a Striped Flufftail gets its spotter 10 points.

Since the Challenge runs until the end of July, there is still plenty of time should any late comers wish to join the fray.  Please contact Graham Palmer at his email address if you are interested.

88 km area

The Area covered by the Challenge

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