A Frustrating Day

Renee and I spent a few hours at Strandfontein yesterday morning, hoping to see a Sand Martin.  We did not, but we saw plenty of other birds, none of which added anything to my challenge list!  Then, when we arrived home in Hermanus, I opened my mail to see a notice from Trevor Hardaker advising of a Western Yellow Wagtail at Strandfontein. Then a Squacco Heron and, this morning, a Lesser Crested Tern!!  Talk about bad luck – the Tern would have been a lifer for me.  Pity Strandfontein is so far away.


One comment on “A Frustrating Day

  1. Sheelagh and I needed to be in CT to-day (inter alia successfully retrieving wallet I lost at Strandfontein on the Club’s outing on the 6th). So we went looking for the Yellow Wagtail, and the Squacco Heron. No success, but while were there, news of the Lesser Crested Tern came through, and we were successful in finding it! But this Challenge is becoming really hard work now! John Bowman

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