Stanford Outing on 4 May

John Saunders writes as follows:

“Irene and I did a recce today of the Stanford Wandelpad and glad that we did. We found that one part of the footpath is underwater due to the high water of the river which will be that way until or unless the Grotto Beach access to the sea is breached. Hence we had to divert to other roads and join the path further along.

We also met an extremely nice chap…who is also a keen member of the Stanford Bird club… Royd Frith… and he pointed out an excellent side track with superb views of the river. He also knows Peter Hochfelden and suggested we ask him to be our guide on the 4th May.

On our return home I phoned Peter Hochfelden and he has willingly agreed to be our tour guide for the visit. I have discussed this with Mike Brian and he is very happy with this idea.

Hence…for the blog…  we still meet and Fernkloof at 0800 and once we have consolidated cars we drive to Stanford to meet Peter at the Information Shop along Queen Victoria road.

For any members who wish to meet us there I suggest that they park along Longmarket (3rd turning on the left after turning off the R43 ) next to the Village Green where there is plenty of space for parking.

The walk is about 2 kilometres, so please bring liquid refreshment to keep you cool en route.

Cheers.    John”