Birders may be interested in attending this potentially interesting talk at U3A.

 Thursday 12 October in the Municipal Auditorium at 17.30

 Why scientists and politicians disagree about manmade global warning

 Very recently the US Government caused a furore when the country was withdrawn from the Paris Accord on climate change. U.S. Government spokespersons cited the cost of measures proposed and that likely benefits did not warrant such expenditure. The controversy revealed deep differences of opinion about the science that lies behind this crucial issue. U3A is privileged to host the distinguished South African physicist Dr Don Mingay whose presentation will focus on the theory of manmade global warming.

Dr Mingay has worked at the UK Atomic Energy Authority Research Establishment at Harwell, The International Atomic Energy Authority in Vienna and here in South Africa at Pelindaba.  He has published more than 100 scientific papers in recognised scientific journals. For the last 15 years he has taken a very active interest in energy production and its relationship with the ongoing debate on climate change and the environment.

For some years politicians and the media have accepted that the earth will experience catastrophic anthropogenic global warming (CAGW) unless the emission of carbon dioxide (CO2) arising from the use of fossil fuels is drastically reduced. Dr Mingay will review the scientific evidence for the CAGW hypothesis. He will discuss atmospheric CO2, sea level changes, ocean acidification, extreme weather events, how polar bears are faring, the Greenland and Antarctic ice caps and other related topics.

This will be a rare opportunity to hear a clear exposition of what the Paris Accord is all about.  And why many distinguished scientists, like Dr Mingay, are so concerned that attempts to question the CAGW hypothesis are met with the response that ‘the science is settled’.

Come along and judge for yourself.

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