Challenge area 2

Challenge Areas

Here are the rules for 2017/8 Challenge. Enjoy the challenge to yourself to see what you can see and identify in the five months from the 1st December 2107 to 30th April 2018


The Challenge is to be run within the boundaries set out in the map.

All five areas are active from December to April and participants must see or hear as many birds in each area.

There are five spreadsheets – one for each area.

The maps are considered sufficient for participants to be able to identify the area boundaries without any further description.

The club outings will be in the area so it’s in your interest to participate if you can

As many species of wild birds as possible must be positively identified by sight or sound by individual members.

Species have been given different values to encourage members to look for the more elusive species. Where a sighting is a vagrant or out of range bird please try to photograph when possible and submit these with your monthly lists. Any ID problems should be referred to Mike for verification.

Birds seen from the shore are eligible – no offshore or pelagic boat trip sightings are eligible.

Each month end you need to submit your lists to Graham Palmer at grahampalmer@telkomsa.net who will complete the score sheets.

There will be an overall winner announced at the end but there are no prizes, just the “brag factor”.

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