A MASSIVE Find for Hermanus


On Saturday morning Renee and I went to Rooisand to see if we could find the Pectoral Sandpiper that had been reported there.  As we approached the hide, we met up with Lester and Cheryl van Groeningen, and entered the hide together, whence we searched the surrounding area.  We could not locate the Sandpiper, but suddenly Lester drew our attention to a whiter than usual Wagtail and we all wondered about this unusual looking bird, thinking that it was an aberrant form of Cape Wagtail.  Luckily Lester had his big lens with him and took a few photos, which he circulated to Trevor and Faansie.  At first they were not to excited about the bird, but Lester pursued the issue with them and they asked for more images.

We were, therefore, delighted yesterday evening to see that both Faansie and Trevor had put out notes suggesting that this bird is, in fact, a White Wagtail, previously unseen in the Southern African region.  By this morning, reports were coming in from other birders who are no doubt arriving on the scene in large numbers to record this Mega-tick, now definitely confirmed as a White Wagtail.  Well done Lester!!  You have put us on the map!!  Rooisand really has delivered this summer!

Lester took this photograph today.

White Wagtail 1