Thank You, Thank You!!


A number of very kind committee members and wives of committee members went to a lot of trouble last evening to prepare and present snacks and wine for those who attended the AGM.  Please accept the very sincere thanks of the club and committee for what you did.  There can be no doubt that our AGM was more about eating and drinking than formalities.  Thanks also to those who helped tidy up afterwards.

The club extends it’s best wishes to Peter and hopes that he will soon recover from the effects of his fall.  It was a most unfortunate way to end the evening!

The committee welcomes Shelagh Peterson, who has replaced Mariette Pitlo.  Otherwise you have the same old faces as before.  We look forward to a good 2018 with lots of interesting birding!

One comment on “Thank You, Thank You!!

  1. The presentation was very interesting and informative. Thanks to the committee for all the work this past year and to you and your spouses for the lovely eats. Happy ‘retirement’ Mariette and thanks for all the work.

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