Time for Change


For the past several years the away outings, not to be confused with the Walks and Talks which are looked after by John Saunders, has been in my portfolio.

It is time for a change and for someone with fresh and bright ideas to take on this role and to join the committee.

The role includes the following functions:

  • Identifying good birding venues and establishing if they have enough suitable accommodation and entertainment venues.
  • Communicating with the venue, establishing if it meets the criteria for the outing, negotiating prices, dates when deposits and full payments are to be made.
  • Putting together of the skeleton itinerary to be communicated whilst costing the per head cost. Confirming with the Treasurer that the calculations are correct and that the venture would not lose any money for the club.
  • Arranging with the Blog administrator that the offer be communicated with all members via the blog
  • Fielding all enquiries and managing the list of participants till the group is full – then creating a wait list.
  • Confirm back to the participants whether they are confirmed or waitlisted.
  • Collect either the deposit or full payment – dependent upon the establishment requirements and once the payments are received communicate with the Treasurer and agree. Thereafter the Treasurer will arrange payment.
  • If a deposit only is received then you will need to collect the balance closer to the date and follow the step above.
  • Based on the original skeleton itinerary, a full and final itinerary needs to be created and sent to all participants.
  • Advise the establishment of the names of the participants together with a full rooming list of who will be sharing with whom.
  • Create catering teams with Captains to arrange that starters, salads and starches and desserts are prepared for each evening
  • As we braai each evening the organiser must purchase firelighters, wood and charcoal for each evenings braais
  • Upon arrival at the destination reconfirm with the establishment the rooming arrangement and the venue for the evening braai, ensuring that sufficient tables and chairs are provided and if possible cutlery and crockery so that the participants don’t have to bring these items to the braai area.
  • If there is inclement weather be able to make immediate arrangements to make the best of the situation.
  • Each evening arrange for the fires to be set up and started so that the participants are able to braai at a reasonable hour.
  • On the last night be sure that a comprehensive list of species seen is agreed by all members
  • Before leaving the establishment be sure that there are no outstanding amounts owing by the HBC and if there such amounts, settle them and claim back from the Treasurer.
  • Where necessary reconcile the accounts for the Treasurer.



With more than 200 members, I am sure that there will be several volunteers for this important job!  Ed.

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