The Intermittent Blogger


Sadly, your editor will be a away for most of May, so the blog will be silent for that period.  I shall be birding in Botswana and Zimbabwe, so hope to bring back some interesting stories about the birds encountered.  Craig assures me that he will keep members up to date via their email, so you should not miss out.

6 comments on “The Intermittent Blogger

  1. Happy birding to you and Renee from a sunny., mild Wilderness. Just relaxing and birding when I can. Seen usual endemics with great close up viewing of a malachite kingfisher through a small glassed-in window in the Rondevlei hide. He was totally unawAre of us so even a cellphone shot was a total success!CheersAnneSent from my Huawei Mobile

  2. Happy birding, hope you have lots of interesting sightings. We look forward to being updated. Travel safely, avoid the N3 near Mooi River at all costs! Regards Lynn and Hugh

    Lynn Frangs Cell 082-471-3637 Phone 028-316 2007 Mail Collection 110 Hemel en Aarde Estate Hermanus 7200


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