Bills, Bills, Bills

Marabou Stork

Pat Redford, who will be running our stand (theme – Bird’s Bills) at the Flower Festival in September, writes,

“Please could you nag the members for some good photos of BILLS, BILLS,  BILLS.

I have made a list based on the remarkable differences between the various species and their bills, and also that they are mostly local with a few up country ones too.

Am hoping for as many close up clear pics of the BILLs as I can find. I have quite a few from previous shows , however the list below is my dream bill list!

Kingfisher ( Giant or Malachite or Pied);    Saddle Billed Stork;   Spoonbill ;  African Black Oystercatcher;   Stilt;   Avocet;   Verreaux’s Eagle;   Greater Flamingo;   African Penguin;   Common Waxbill;   African Hoopoe;   Eagles/Raptors.

The photos need to be quite good quality in order to reproduce in print, but am happy to receive whatever anyone may have and evaluate accordingly.

Much appreciated!”


Walk at Grootbos on 5 July


In the Grootbos forest

Our next week’s walk will be at Grootbos which is a stunning place.  We will meet at Fernkloof at 07.30 to be at Grootbos at about 08.00 and will be led by John Saunders, and Mike Fabricius, from Grootbos, will be our host at the venue.

The walk is approximately a two hours and is for members only please.

The Rare Birds of Northern Namibia


On Wednesday 20 June, Peter Dagg will be talking about his trip to northern Namibia.  In his words, “I had always fancied seeing the Cunene’s big four, namely The Angola Cave Chat, the Grey Kestrel , the Cinderella Waxbill and the Rufous-tailed Palm Thrush. This tour, although expensive, was and ideal opportunity to not only achieve this objective, but to add some desert species to my list as well.”

Don’t miss this talk at Fernkloof .  The meeting commences at 18h30 and is preceded by the opportunity to meet for a drink and a chat at 18h00.

Training Courses


As a result of the response from the members, we will not be running a Beginners Course and will only run the Advanced Course which will be structured as follows and will be run by Mike Ford.

12 July  Raptors from 09h00 and run all morning

19 July LBJ’s from 09h00 and run all morning

26 July   Waders from 09h00 and run all morning

The cost for all 3 segments which will be inclusive of the course notes will be R350.00.

If you would prefer to only attend one or two sessions the cost will be R150.00per segment.

Mid-morning Tea and Coffee will be provided.

Should you wish to attend please advise Craig at and make payment to the Hermanus Bird Club at FNB Hermanus Br 200412 Acc 62107045892. Limited space available and attendance will be on a first come first served basis.