Outing to Platbos Forest


Twenty two keen birders met at Fernkloof at 07.00 this morning the 7th January and were treated an absolutely beautiful walk led by Lester van Groeningen.

The bird numbers weren’t high but several walkers expressed their opinion by saying that they would love to return to Platbos again just to walk and enjoy the forest.

Platbos is unusual gem of an ancient indigenous forest situated at the foot of Africa. Described by botanist and author, Professor Eugene Moll, as a “unique South African forest jewel”, this is a forest that enchants and inspires all who come to visit.

Birds seen at or near Platbos         Jackal Buzzard   Olive pigeon   Cape Turtle Dove  Common (Steppe) Buzzard   Barn Swallow   Cape Weaver   Southern (Common) Fiscal  Karoo Prinia   Cape Bulbul Brimstone Canary   Grassbird   Greater Striped Swallow   Red Wing Starling   Common (Eurasian) Starling   Sombre Greenbul   Cape Robin Chat  Guinea Fowl   Bar Throated Apalis   Cape White Eye   Southern Double Collared Sunbird  Cape Batis Dusky Flycatcher   Tambourine Dove (call only)   Fork Tailed Drongo  Paradise Flycatcher (female)   Alpine Swift   Hadeda Ibis   Western Cattle Egret   White Rumped Swift   Yellow Billed Kite       Total 29.

Seen at Adam’s Dam, Stanford        Yellow   Billed Duck   Red Knobbed Coot  White faced Whistling Duck   Reed Cormorant   African Darter   Common Moorhen       Total 6.

Submitted by John Saunders with photos by Mike Kokot

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