Challenge 2019/2020


We are on!  There has been a very positive response to the Challenge suggestion.  Thank you all!  This means that we will commence collecting species as from 1 March.  There will, as usual, be an entry fee and we will have to collect the names, do the admin, etc., but start assembling your lists in the meantime.  Remember, our area is the Southern African Region, which includes Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, RSA, Lesotho, Swaziland and Mozambique south of the Zambezi river.

It is going to be a big year!!   Good Luck!!  Somebody is going to get around 500 birds, I am sure!

Here is the list   Challenge list.

Just insert a 1 in the column “My List” for each bird seen.

6 comments on “Challenge 2019/2020

  1. Congratulations Ronnie ! You certainly don’t let the grass grow under your feet!

    Well done on getting the New Challenge 2019/2020 launched so quickly and for producing such a good well – structured list too.

    You can count ED MEYER ‘In’ and I will be packing my Bags, Bird books and Checklist for the Tuli Block in Botswana on 12th March.

    Thanks Ronnie and well done again – it should be a lot of fun!


  2. A few days into the new Challenge2019/2020 and it looks like an exciting year of birding ahead!

    I did not see anywhere on the ‘Blog’ what the entry fee will be. Please confirm that so we can register

    our participation.

    Does the Checklist formula allow for an automatic totalling of the entries we make. Is the plan to send

    in our list to Graham on a quarterly basis for reporting and feedback. Can you confirm those dates to

    submit our schedules.

    Kind regards,

    Ed Meyer.

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