MBBD Update

Pikkusirri - sade

Unfortunately, there is a lot of rain forecast for the 13 April – the day of the MBBD.  It is still early days, so things might change, but would there be any objection to moving the competition to Sunday the 14th?  Please post your comments on this site.

8 comments on “MBBD Update

  1. Unfortunately Ronnie, I won’t be able to make Sunday 14 April. It’s Palm Sunday and being in the choir we have much to sing that morning- following the birds so to speak!!! We finished the service at 11 which is late for birding. At present Margaret L is the only confirmed birder with me so if you can fit her in somewhere that should be a help. I’m not keen on windy wet weather either!!

    Happy days! Anne 082 3993925 Sent from my iPhone


  2. We are easy either day. Although acuweather says clear on Sat,rain on Sun!?Have to decide closer to the time. By Thursday PM?Bowmacs.

  3. The G(r)aBar Goshawks are happy to go Sunday but are able to go Saturday if John’s prediction is right.

  4. Hi Ronnie, my read of the weather reports is that Sunday is more chance of rain tha
    tn Saturday. Saturday seems to have a the chance of a few afternoon showers. Windguru indicates no rain on Saturday so unless you change the week-end altogether I would simply keep it Saturday.
    We are not sure at this stage if we can make Sunday anyway.

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