Atlassing with Lester and Cheryl


Cape Penduline Tit

Cheryl and Lester will be doing regular atlassing in the Overberg area and kicked off on Thursday 18th April doing the 4 pentads that the Koppies road loop incorporates, just north of Villiersdorp. We were able to put together a wonderful list of birds that we typically do not easily find around Hermanus. The habitat on this loop includes general farm lands, a section of very good Karoo type vegetation, riverine areas, farm dams, the wide shallow, flat drainage area of Moddergat (mostly dry at the moment) and the surrounding rocky hills and Mountains. We were very excited to find lots of Cape Penduline tits, a number of Fairy Flycatchers, Long-billed Crombecs, Rufous-vented Tit-babblers, Yellow-bellied Eremomela, Grey Tit, Layards Tit-babbler, Brown-hooded Kingfisher, Black Harrier, Rufous-chested Sparrowhawk, and many other species – and only about 60 Km from Hermanus. Our total list for the 4 pentads was 76 species – this place will be great in Spring!!

Our plan is to attempt to go out once a week (except the week of scheduled HBC outings)  – and over time, to atlas as many pentads as possible in the Overberg area (from Rooi-els to Die-Dam) and to possibly also go as far inland as Vrolijkheid. We would welcome anyone who would like to join us. The outings will unfortunately? be long – typically 4 to 5 hours excluding travel time so if you think you are tough and can withstand really focused birding then please consider joining us. (Of-course anyone can peel off at any time). You do not need to be an expert birder – in fact these outings will be a great chance to learn and improve your birding skills in a small group environment. You also do not need to know anything about atlassing – it’s just about recording species seen in each pentad (I use the Birdlasser App which gives all the info we need). A lot of the outings will take the format of driving various dirt road loops stopping frequently, birding a small area and then moving on. We will also focus on checking out new areas and on finding the ‘specials’ in the Overberg.

If you are interested, send me an email so I can include you on details where to meet etc prior to each outing.

My e-mail address is (note it is jvg not ivg) and cell number 0785938977.

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