Challenge – First Quarter Results


Potential Winners


The results for the first quarter of our Birding Big Year Challenge are in.  Unfortunately, 4 participants did not submit any results, so there may be a discrepancy or two, but what we have is pretty good.  Ed is in the lead with no less than 289 species recorded.  He is followed by Barbara and Margie with 241, Johan and Imogen with 240 and Jenny with 236.  Obviously, the ladies are putting in a good run and things are competitive at the top!

The total number of different species recorded by the entire group is 546, which is really excellent (especially with 9 months still to go) and attests to some of the entrants already making forays into the hinterland to see birds that do not occur in our area.  Of these 546, 140 are single sightings!  It all goes to show that multiple eyes are better than 1, and this would make a fair life list for many birders.  Only 10 species have been seen by all of the 24 entrants who have submitted lists. This is a surprisingly low number considering how many common species occur in our local area.

The detailed results are available on the following attachment:  Challenge list Combined Sorted

There have been a few anomalies, i.e. birds that have been reported, but that are extremely rare and have only been seen once or twice in the region.  These have been corrected where possible, but you are asked to check your lists very carefully!  I know that we are all honest birders, so let’s keep it that way.

I notice that some of you are still not using the latest spreadsheet sent to you all. This means that I have to do a lot of work getting your numbers on the compilation sheet.  Please try to conform to the requirements stipulated!

Happy birding!

Ronnie  (your birding Gopher!)

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