Restocking the Heronry at Vermont Pan


This morning six volunteers carried out reconstruction work at Vermont Pan.  The heronry – which is now occupied by White-breasted Cormorants and Egyptian Geese – was looking a bit bare in patches, so we added a few loads of branches to give the birds new roosting and nesting sites.

Present in our group was Gavin Turner, the designer of the structure and he reminded us of how, when the original structure was built, they got it wrong, by making a mirror image of what had been prefabricated in Mike MacNaught’s garden.  Today the whole thing smells pretty awful, being covered in guano, but there were plenty of nests and even one Egyptian Goose nest with nine pretty eggs waiting to be hatched.

Carrying the branches out into the pan was a messy business, squelching through deep sucking mud, but we got the job done.  Everybody certainly needed a good bath afterwards!  Let’s hope the birds appreciate our work.

5 comments on “Restocking the Heronry at Vermont Pan

  1. Fantastic job!!! We all appreciate your efforts – will enjoy watching the birds returning to produce more!

  2. Well done All! Helen and I have just been there – there are about 20 herons on it so they obviously approve of your efforts!
    Mike and Helen

  3. Well done guys & Sue for braving the cold, muddy water! I’m sure the birds are thrilled and we appreciate your dedication.

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