Dear John,

Hope this finds you well. We are putting together a huge ICC effort along the Overstrand coastline for the week of 21 September. This is being done in collaboration with the municipality, the People n Planet campaign of Pick n Pay, Plastics SA and a variety of other role-players – see the attached spreadsheet and our initial media release.

We would like to extend an invitation to HBC members to participate in both our monthly talk by John Kieser of Plastics SA and the coastal cleanup as described in the media release. Details of the coordinators for the various cleanup spots along the coastline will be released in the next 10 days or so.

It will be appreciated if you would forward this invitation to your members.


With appreciation and warm regards.


Dr. Anton Odendal

          BirdLife Overberg

Manager: CleanMarine campaign



          (c): +27 82 550 3347


Ebb n’ Flow Outing


A trip to Ebb n’ Flow near Wilderness & Natures Valley has been arranged for Monday through Wednesday Thursday 11 – 14 November  (4 nights i.e. 2 nights in Ebb ‘n Flow and 2 nights in natures Valley) for Bird Club members.

We will stay in  and braai each evening.

The cost is R1120 per person for the trip or R2240 for a couple. Once your name has been included for the trip a 50% deposit of R560.00 per person or R1120 for a couple is required and the remainder to be paid by the 30th September 2019.

The accommodation at Ebb n’ Flow consists of Forest Lodges and the Forest Cottage for four members of the group.

At Natures Valley the accommodation is in Forest Huts for two people in each hut. This accommodation is basic and toilet facilities are communal and close to each Forest Hut.

It is a superb birding area with several bird hides along the river and Natures Valley speaks for itself.

For reference see –


If you wish to join the trip contact John Saunders via email

Call for Volunteers


We still need two volunteers to assist with the manning of the HBC stand at the Fernkloof Flower Show.  The open slots are from 09h00 to 13h00 on Saturday the 21 Sept (with Craig Holmes) and from 09h00 to 13h00 on Tuesday the 24 Sept (with Mike Bryan).  This is not an onerous task and you owe it to your club to support this venture!

Black Sparrowhawk in Voelklip


On a quiet, peaceful afternoon in early August the cooing of the doves and happy chirping of the sparrows in our garden was shattered by a frantic panic as they all took flight!  This was a typical reaction when our fairly regular visitor, an African Goshawk made a raid for an easy meal.   I went out expecting to see the goshawk, but in the Keurboom opposite our bedroom was a pleasant surprise, a very relaxed Black Sparrowhawk!  He seemed to be inspecting the garden and surrounding trees for a dove or other prey, which gave us 20 minutes of spectacular viewing and photographic opportunities.  A few images are attached to share our enjoyment.

This was our first sighting of a Black Sparrowhawk in Voelklip!

Ed Meyer.

RIP David Watson


Members will be saddened by the tragic news that David has passed away.  He went hiking on Maanskijnkop alone yesterday.  When he had not returned by 11:30 am the alarm went out, but he could not be found.  This morning a helicopter was deployed and his body was found on a path.  He had apparently had a heart attack and he still had his walking stick in his hand.

Our collective condolences go out to Elizabeth and her family at this awful time in their lives.  They will cherish the memory of this wonderful man who gave so much to the community around him.  He was a committed member of the HBC and served on the committee for a number of years.  Many of you will remember being entertained by him at Club functions, when, with his keen sense of humour, he regaled us with birding and other stories.  He died doing what he enjoyed most – walking in the mountains and communing with nature.

You will be sorely missed, David.  How we wish we could alleviate the pain that your family must be suffering.  We are reminded of the recent passing of Robin Richards, another keen mountaineer, whose funeral some of us attended.  The words of Gen. Smuts, spoken on Table Mountain in 1923, and read at Robin’s service, come to mind;

What is that religion? When we reach the mountain summits we leave behind us all the things that weigh heavily down below on our body and our spirit. We leave behind a feeling of weakness and depression; we feel a new freedom, a great exhilaration, an exaltation of the body no less than of the spirit. We feel a great joy.

The Religion of the Mountain is in reality the religion of joy, of the release of the soul from the things that weigh it down and fill it with a sense of weariness, sorrow and defeat. The religion of joy realises the freedom of the soul, the soul’s kinship to the great creative spirit, and its dominance over all the things of sense. As the body has escaped from the over- weight and depression of the sea, so the soul must be released from all sense of weariness, weakness and depression arising from the fret, worry and friction of our daily lives. We must feel that we are above it all, that the soul is essentially free, and in freedom realises the joy of living. And when the feeling of lassitude and depression and the sense of defeat advances upon us, we must repel it, and maintain an equal and cheerful temper.

We must fill our daily lives with the spirit of joy and delight. We must carry this spirit into our daily lives and tasks. We must perform our work not grudgingly and as a burden imposed upon, but in a spirit of cheerfulness, goodwill and delight in it. Not only on the mountain summits of life, not only on the heights of success and achievement, but down in the deep valleys of drudgery, of anxiety and defeat, we must cultivate the great spirit of joyous freedom and upliftment of the soul.

Unique Wrapping Paper Available

Paper with HBC 2

Wrapping Paper

The club has had some wrapping paper printed.  The sheets measure 700x500mm and are available at the very low price of R10 per sheet.  It will be available for sale at future club meetings and at the Flower Festival in September.  If each member of the club buys 5 sheets, we will cover the printing costs and make a small profit for the club.



CWACing on the Ivey property

Six members of the club participated in the Annual CWAC event on Sunday morning.  This involved trying to count all the waterbirds along the section of the Klein River lagoon that is open to the public.  It was a daunting task and we counted many birds, mainly Red-knobbed Coots, but also many others.  It was a beautiful morning and we really enjoyed the peace and quiet of the water’s edge.

Quiz Night – 21 August


Our Quiz Night is a special and entertaining event for the club, so please come along and support it.

The evening starts with the choice of sherry, the normal red and white Stettyn wines and for this special event we also have mulled wine on offer. All for the usual R10 donation per glass.

Later in the evening, normally half way through the quiz, there will be a short intermission when a choice of seven delicious soups with French bread will be offered. Mugs for the soup and spoons will all be provided.

The Quiz questions were prepared by Mike Ford in 2018 when the quiz unfortunately had to be cancelled. He will also be away on this occasion, so Club Chairman John Saunders will be presenting the Quiz .

It is teams of four per table and if you cannot find a team to join….don’t worry we will find one for you on the night.

As usual, the doors open at 6 pm for a 6.30 pm and we look forward to seeing you all there.