Ebb n’ Flow Outing


A trip to Ebb n’ Flow near Wilderness & Natures Valley has been arranged for Monday through Wednesday Thursday 11 – 14 November  (4 nights i.e. 2 nights in Ebb ‘n Flow and 2 nights in natures Valley) for Bird Club members.

We will stay in  and braai each evening.

The cost is R1120 per person for the trip or R2240 for a couple. Once your name has been included for the trip a 50% deposit of R560.00 per person or R1120 for a couple is required and the remainder to be paid by the 30th September 2019.

The accommodation at Ebb n’ Flow consists of Forest Lodges and the Forest Cottage for four members of the group.

At Natures Valley the accommodation is in Forest Huts for two people in each hut. This accommodation is basic and toilet facilities are communal and close to each Forest Hut.

It is a superb birding area with several bird hides along the river and Natures Valley speaks for itself.

For reference see – www.sanparks.org/parks/garden_route/camps/wilderness/

and wikipedia.org/wiki/Nature%27s_Valley

If you wish to join the trip contact John Saunders via email antares@hermanus.co.za

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