Stanford Outing


At Appel se Dam


On Thursday 3 October our monthly morning walk will be along the Klein Rivier in Stanford, led by Graham and Barbara Palmer.

Due to roadworks we cannot do any birding along the road, so we will meet at the bird hide at Willem Appel Dam in de Bruyn Street, Stanford at 08:00.

We will leave half the cars here, double up in the other cars and drive to the river at the bottom of Kings Street. (the reason for this will become clear)

Should you be delayed, meet us there (enter Stanford, turn right into Longmarket Street, then left into King Street and proceed to the river.)

We will walk along the river towards the bridge, then retrace our steps and walk along the stream all the way back to the cars.

You can leave your mid-morning snacks in the car to have when we get back.  Bring some water along for the first part of the walk though.

Possible birds to look forward to ticking off your list are Moorhen, African Harrier-Hawk, Giant, Pied and Malachite Kingfishers, African Darter, Black Crake,White-backed Duck, Purple Swamphen, Little Bittern,  Little Rush Warbler, Lesser-Swamp Warbler, Le-Valliants Cisticola …. and the list goes on and on.

By the way, while unsuccessfully trying to find a decent map of the walk, I found this info: “Gonuga Goggo” (meaning: Klein River) – as described in Jan Hartogh’s Journal in 1707 – meanders through Stanford and is home to an abundance of fauna and flora.  And although the Klein River is 80 km long,  it is the river with the shortest distance between its origin and mouth in the world (5 km as the crow flies)!

Cheers for now


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