Walk at Rooisand


At Rooisand

Our monthly walk will be at Rooisand, led by Ronnie, on Thursday 5 March.  Please meet at the Onrus Trading Post at 7:30 am to arrange transport. It will be too late for any additions to your Challenge list, but most of you will have seen all the relevant birds by then anyway.  This can be the start of a new year list!!

Support for BotSoc !!


The recent exchanges between the Overstrand Municipality and BotSoc require the attention of everyone in Hermanus who is concerned about the preservation of our natural surroundings and the rich flora and fauna that we are privileged to have on our doorstep.  BotSoc has been instrumental in preserving this heritage over along period of time and the idea that it may be wrenched from their curatorship is abhorrent to all.  The attached document indicates so clearly why the Botanical Society and Fernkloof are such an essential and vital ingredient for the community and why it needs to be protected and defended by the community.

Hermanus Botanical Society History and Backgroud

Craig and Sue Holmes


Our new Chairman and his better half

At our last committee meeting I proposed, and the others heartily agreed, that we should thank Craig for all his Bird Club activities…arranging several away trips before his chairmanship and then club Chairman from I think 2013 to 2019 and award both him and Sue Honorary Membership of our Society.

John Saunders