More Members Join the Lockdown Challenge


It seems as if the Challenge is finally attracting a few more participants.  We now have 30 teams (pairs or individuals) making up around 50 members.  It is not too late to send in your lists if you still want to participate.  It’s a great motivator and I have been up and about before first light on the last few mornings, with some great birds showing at that time.  The total species count is now up to 95 birds!!  By the end of next week we might even hit our century!  We still need the following: Familiar Chat, Diederik Cuckoo, Lanner Falcon, Blacksmith Lapwing and Common Whimbrel, in order to complete the original list I drew up.

2 comments on “More Members Join the Lockdown Challenge

  1. Hi Ronnie,

    Agree with your comments! We have also been up early and at sunset (with a glass of wine), up on our balcony, to look for birds, and learned a lot. We are well positioned between Harder Baai and the lagoon!

    Would you like a weekly bird list update, or shall we wait to the end of the lockdown?


    Gavin & Cynthia

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