New Bird ID Set


We are now starting the new set of birds to be identified.  These are all near-passerines i.e. birds that perch and apparently do other things as well.  (Wikipedia defines them as, Near passerines” and “higher land-bird assemblage” are terms of traditional, pre-cladistic taxonomy that have often been given to tree-dwelling birds or those most often believed to be related to the true passerines owing to morphological and ecological similarities; the group corresponds to some extent with the Anomalogonatae of Alfred Henry Garrod.)  (I hope you all understand this quite clearly, as it is important stuff)

Now, a word of help to you all. You obviously read this blog, or you would not be in the competition.  Why then, when I ask you to send your results to Mike Ford by today, do I get lists sent to me and queries on when the lists must be in by.  I cannot shepherd you all around this simple matter, so please aid my task by doing it as requested!!  There, I have said it!!

I will give you all a chance to amend your ways and then I will publish the answers.

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