Chasing Migrants


Yesterday Renee and I went out to try to get a few migrant birds on our Challenge list. We found it was not all that easy! Firstly we went to Rooisand, hoping to pick up the Bar-tailed Godwit spotted recently by John and Sheelagh, but it was nowhere to be seen. We did, however, get a Common Greenshank, a few Common Ringed Plovers and some Barn Swallows. The Pectoral Sandpiper was present somewhere as others there had seen it, but we had no luck. Where the Common Buzzards are this year is anybody’s guess!

From there we traipsed over to Danger Point, where we immediately picked up a Sandwich Tern and some Common Whimbrels, along with more Common Greenshanks. After some considerable searching we also found a pair of Ruddy Turnstones. The rocks close to the road on the way to the lighthouse are always rewarding and we had a…

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