We have arranged for a special trip away and this is notice long in advance. This is due to the difficulty in getting accommodation and stringent reservation protocols by Cape Nature.

The itinerary is as follows:

May 7th  Make our way to Calitzdorp and on to Redstone Hills where we will spend the next two nights. We will explore the farm and the area around the farm looking for the many species in the area. On our last visits we have managed to see over 70 species

May 9th  We will leave Redstone Hills and make our way up the Swartberg Pass – at the top we will turn left and head off for Die Hel – a two hour drive part of which is a very steep and winding road down to Die Hel and our accommodation in the Cape Nature restored cottages.

We will spend the next two days exploring this amazing place – birding is difficult but I am sure we will have some good sightings.

As usual we will share accommodation and we will make sure that we have braais ready to cook on each evening.  We will have catering teams to ensure that the evening meals have salads etc each evening. You would need to bring your own breakfast and lunches and of course drinks and meat for the braais.

The road down to Die Hel is a gravel road and it is recommended that vehicles with high clearances only use the pass. Having said that I have seen VW Golf’s in the valley but higher ground clearance would be clever.

The price of this trip is R1025.00 pp – or R256.25 per night – a bargain say I – BUT I do need a 50% deposit upon confirmation as I have to make payment to Cape Nature and Redstone Hills. If you are under 60 I am afraid the price will change as this is senior citizens rate. I will also need valid Wildcard numbers with the bookings please – no Wildcard means that there is a Conservation fee to be paid.

Bookings are on a first come first served basis.


Outing to De Hoop


The weather, though overcast, did not result in those who went to De Hoop being downcast.  Spotting waders at De Hoop was part of the fun had by 16 of us.  In total 111 species were counted.

Anne Philip


On the Klein River with the Lady Stanford


The Stanford Bird Club very kindly invited a representative of HBC to join them on their inaugural cruise down the Klein River in the newly launched ‘Lady Stanford’ and Renee and I were the lucky participants.  We set off at 7:30 am this morning along with around 20 local birders and spent three and a half hours enjoying the wonderful birding along the river.

The Lady Stanford is a purpose built river boat and it provided a wonderful platform from which to enjoy the abundant birdlife that the region has to offer.  We saw no less than 70 species.  There were many Giant Kingfishers, abundant African Darters, all the Grebes, three Herons, Falmingos galore and much more.  The juvenile African Harrier-Hawk was a highlight as it pecked at its branch, and we saw two Osprey, as well a s a number of Fish Eagles.

At one point, a Bontebok on the bank with a large piece of vegetation attached to its horns kept us entertained.  Above it, a beautiful Common Buzzard looked down and wondered what all the fuss was about!

Thank you to Peter Hochfelden and the Stanford Club for an enthralling morning!!


Any Interest in a Pelagic Trip?


John Saunders has made some inquiries into the possibility of a pelagic trip for club members.  It appears that the costs are around R2000 per person for a one day outing from the Simonstown harbour.  Participants would need to board at 7:00 am, so a very early start from Hermanus or an overnight stay in CT also form part of the equation.  There is also the possibility that the trip may have to be held over for a day or so depending on the weather.

Would members wishing to pursue this option, which needs a minimum of 6 people, please let Craig know asap.

De Hoop


De Hoop – we have one space left on the de Hoop outing for a couple or two singles – 6 – 8 March at the cost of R845.00 per person. If you are interested in joining this small group to this wonderful reserve please contact Craig on or 0283132458

Programme 2018


Herewith the 2018 programme of events.  Please note that this schedule is flexible, so look out for possible amendments throughout the year.


15th – Committee Meeting.          17th – Club Meeting at 18h30.   Our guest speaker will be Gerhard Vosloo and he will speak on Birds of the Kgalagadi.        Month 2 of the Challenge.


1st – Monthly walk at Rooisand Reserve led by John Saunders.           19th – Committee Meeting.          21st – AGM at 18h30.  Our guest speaker will be Duncan Butchart and he will speak about his book on garden birds in Southern Africa.      Month 3 of the Challenge.


1st – Monthly walk at Haygrove Berry Farm led by Mike Ford.       19th – Committee Meeting.              21st – Club Meeting at 18h30.  Guest speaker will be Christine Hagen and she will speak about Penguins or Coastal Birds.           Month 4 of the Challenge.   Outing to De Hoop.


5th – Monthly walk at Stanford, led by Barbara Palmer.          16th – Committee Meeting.                    18th – Club Meeting at 18h00.  Guest speaker will be Ross Wanless, who will talk about Saving Seabirds from Extinction.      Last month of the Challenge!     Outing to Honeywood Farm.


5th – Monthly walk Benguela Cove led by John Saunders.        14th – Committee Meeting.                    16th – Club Meeting at 18h00.  Guest speaker will be John Bowman and he will speak on Thailand.     Outing to Redstone Hills and Die Hel.


7th – Monthly walk in the Caledon Gardens led by Ronnie Hazell.        18th – Committee Meeting.           20th – Club Meeting at 18h00.   Guest speaker will be Erika Brink and she will talk about the Nuwejaars Wetlands


5th – Monthly walk at Grootbos an Stanford Platform, led by John Saunders.        16th – Committee Meeting.             18th – Club Meeting at 18h00.  Guest speaker will be Vernon Head and he will talk about ?


2nd – Monthly walk on the Onrus and Vermont Coastal path led by John and Sheelagh Bowman.            13th – Committee Meeting.         15th – Club Meeting at 18h00.    Quiz evening


6th – Monthly walk in Fernkloof led by ?.           10th – Committee Meeting.           12th – Club Meeting at 18h00.  Guest speaker will be Wicus Leewner and he will talk on ?.


4th – Monthly walk at Gabrielskloof led by John Saunders.           15th – Committee Meeting.            17th – Club Meeting at 18h30.  Guest speaker will be Gavin Turner and he will speak about Zambia


1st – Monthly walk at De Mond led by Mike Ford and Chris Cheetham.           19th – Committee Meeting.           21st – Club Meeting at 18h30.  Guest speaker will be Andrea Angel and she will talk about the work of the Albatross Task Force.


6th – Monthly walk at Jesse Walton’s farm led by Mike Ford.            10th – Committee Meeting.           12th – Club Meeting at 18hoo.  Christmas Party

Updated Duinepos Listing

Duinepos Outing   –   128 Species seen
Apalis Bar throated Martin Common house
Avocet Pied Martin Rock
Barbet Acacia pied Masked-Weaver Southern
Batis Cape Moorhen Common
Batis Pririt Mousebird Red faced
Bee-eater European Mousebird Speckled
Bishop Red Mousebird White backed
Bishop Yellow Neddicky
Bittern Little Night-Heron Black crowned
Bokmakierie Nightjar Fiery necked
Boubou Southern Nightjar Rufous cheeked
Brownbul Terrestrial Olive-Pigeon African
Bulbul Cape Openbill African
Bulbul Red eyed Oriole Black headed
Bunting Cape Osprey
Bunting Cinnamon breasted Ostrich Common
Bunting Lark like Owl Barn
Bush-shrike Olive Owl Cape eagle
Bustard Denham’s Owl Spotted eagle
Bustard Kori Oystercatcher African black
Bustard Ludwig’s Painted-snipe African
Buzzard Common Paradise-Flycatcher African
Buzzard Forest Partridge Chukar
Buzzard Jackal Peacock Common
Canary Black headed Pelican Great white
Canary Black throated Penduline-Tit Cape
Canary Brimstone Penguin African
Canary Cape Petrel Pintado
Canary Forest Petrel White chinned
Canary White throated Pigeon Speckled
Canary Yellow Pipit African
Chaffinch Pipit Long billed
Chat Ant eating Pipit Plain backed
Chat Familiar Plover Chestnut banded
Chat Karoo Plover Common ringed
Chat Sickle winged Plover Greater sand
Cisticola Cloud Plover Grey
Cisticola Grey backed Plover Kittlitz’s
Cisticola Le Vaillant’s Plover Lesser sand
Cisticola Zitting Plover Three banded
Coot Red knobbed Plover White fronted
Cormorant Bank Pochard Southern black
Cormorant Cape Prinia Karoo
Cormorant Crowned Puffback Black backed
Cormorant Reed Quail Common
Cormorant White breasted Quailfinch African
Coucal Burchell’s Quelea Red billed
Courser Bouble banded Rail African
Courser Burchell’s Raven White necked
Crake African Redshank Common
Crake Black Robin-chat Cape
Crane Blue Robin-chat Chorister
Crested-Flycatcher Blue mantled Rock-Jumper Cape
Crombec Long billed Rock-Thrush Cape
Crow Cape Rock-Thrush Sentinel
Crow House Roller European
Crow Pied Ruff
Cuckoo African Emerald Rush-Warbler Little
Cuckoo Black Sanderling
Cuckoo Diederik Sandgrouse Namaqua
Cuckoo Jacobin Sandpiper Common
Cuckoo Klaas’ Sandpiper Curlew
Cuckoo Red chested Sandpiper Marsh
Cuckooshrike Black Sandpiper Terek
Cuckooshrike Grey backed Sandpiper Wood
Curlew Eurasian Saw-Wing Black
Darter African Scrub-Robin Karoo
Dove Laughing Secretarybird
Dove Lemon Seedeater Protea
Dove Namaqua Seedeater Sreaky headed
Dove Red eyed Shearwater Sooty
Dove Rock Shelduck South African
Dove Tambourine Shoveller Cape
Drongo Fork tailed Siskin Cape
Duck African black Snake-Eagle Black chested
Duck Fulvous Snipe African
Duck Maccoa Sparrow Cape
Duck White backed Sparrow Grey headed
Duck White faced Sparrow House
Duck Yellow billed Sparrowhawk Black
Dunlin Sparrowhawk Little
Eagle African crowned Sparrowhawk Rufous chested
Eagle Booted Sparrowlark Black eared
Eagle Martial Sparrowlark Grey backed
Eagle Verreaux’s Spoonbill African
Egret Cattle Spurfowl Cape
Egret Intermediate Spurfowl Red necked
Egret Little Starling Cape glossy
Eremomela Karoo Starling Common
Eremomela Yellow bellied Starling Pale winged
Falcon Lanner Starling Pied
Falcon Peregrine Starling Red winged
Firefinch African Starling Wattled
Fiscal Common Stilt Black winged
Fish-Eagle African Stint Little
Flamingo Greater Stonechat African
Flamingo Lesser Stork Black
Flufftail Buff spotted Stork White
Flufftail Red Chested Sugarbird Cape
Flufftail Striped Sunbird Amethyst
Flycatcher African dusky Sunbird Dusky
Flycatcher Fairy Sunbird Greater double collored
Flycatcher Fiscal Sunbird Malachite
Flycatcher Spotted Sunbird Orange breasted
Francolin Grey winged Sunbird Southern double collared
Gannet Cape Swallow Barn
Godwit Bar tailed Swallow Greater striped
Goose Egyptian Swallow Lesser striped
Goose Spur winged Swallow Pearl breasted
Goshawk African Swallow White throated
Goshawk Gabar Swamphen Purple
Goshawk Pale chanting Swamp-Warbler Lesser
Grassbird Cape Swift African black
Grebe Black necked Swift African palm
Grebe Great crested Swift Alpine
Grebe Little Swift Horus
Greenbul Sombre Swift Little
Greenshank Common Swift White rumped
Guineafowl Helmeted Tchagra Southern
Gull Grey headed Teal Cape
Gull Hartlaub’s Teal Hottentot
Gull Kelp Teal Red billed
Gull Sabine’s Tern Antarctic
Hamerkop Tern Arctic
Harrier Black Tern Black
Harrier-hawk African Tern Caspian
Heron Black headed Tern Common
Heron Goliath Tern Damara
Heron Green backed Tern Little
Heron Grey Tern Roseate
Heron Purple Tern Sandwich
Heron Squacco Tern Swift
Honeybird Brown backed Tern Whiskered
Honey-Buzzard European Tern White winged
Honeyguide Greater Thick-knee Spotted eagle
Honeyguide Lesser Thick-knee Water
Honeyguide Scaly throated Thrush Karoo
Hoopoe African Thrush Olive
Ibis Glossy Tit Grey
Ibis Hadeda Titbabbler Chestnut vented
Ibis Sacred Titbabbler Layard’s
Kestrel Greater Trogon Nerina
Kestrel Lesser Turaco Knysna
Kestrel Rock Turnstone Ruddy
Kingfisher Brown hooded Turtle-Dove Cape
Kingfisher Giant Vulture Cape
Kingfisher Half collared   Wagtail Cape
Kingfisher Malachite Warbler African reed
Kingfisher Pied Warbler Cinamon breasted
Kite Black shouldered Warbler Knysna
Kite Yellow billed Warbler Namaqua
Knot Red Warbler Rufous eared
Korhaan Karoo Warbler Victorin’s
Korhaan Southern black Warbler Willow
Lapwing Blacksmith Waxbill Common
Lapwing Crowned Waxbill Swee
Lark Agulhas long billed Weaver Cape
Lark Cape clapper Wheatear Capped
Lark Cape long billed Wheatear Mountain
Lark Karoo Whimbrel Common
Lark Karoo long billed White eye Orange river
Lark Large billed White-Eye Cape
Lark Red capped Wood-hoopoe Green backed
Lark Sclater’s Woodland-Warbler Yellow throated
Lark Spike heeled Wood-Owl African
Longclaw Cape Woodpecker Cardinal
Mallard Woodpecker Ground
Marsh-Harrier African Woodpecker Knysna
Martin Banded Woodpecker Olive
Martin Brown throated Wydah Pin tailed

Duinepos Outing


Craig led the three day outing to Duinepos, which was attended by 16 lucky birders.  The weather looked threatening and it was supposed to rain all day on Tuesday, but, luckily for us, it fell on Monday night and we only had a small shower or two on Tuesday.

Our adventure started on Sunday with a visit to the Geelbek hides and surrounding area. Sadly there were not many waders present, but we saw a family of four Rock Kestrels on the roof of the restaurant and they kept us well occupied with their antics.  That evening we heard an owl calling and when I investigated on Monday morning, I thought we had found a Cape Eagle Owl.  This made for much excitement and we managed to see it again on the following two mornings, however, a photograph sent to Trevor Hardaker, dashed our hopes when he confirmed it as a Spotted Eagle Owl!

On Monday morning we traveled to Veldrif and visited the salt works at Kuifkopvisvanger Farm.  We had excellent sightings of many waders, including Chestnut Banded Plovers and Ruffs.  It was a very good morning!  In the afternoon, a visit to the Seeberg hide gave us the opportunity to see more waders and a good selection of Terns. A second visit to this hide on Tuesday morning added to our tally which was growing nicely. By the time we had visited Abrahamskraal for some freshwater birds, and the Atlantic coast, we had seen most of our target species.

On Wednesday morning the official outing ended and a few of us returned home, but not without another visit to Abrahamskraal, where we were rewarded with a pair of African Rails and another sighting of the rare Black-headed Canaries, that appear to have settled there.

Our species tally had reached the respectable total of 119, although it is likely that those remaining there for the next two days may well increase this number.

Apalis Bar-throated x Flamingo Greater x Owl Barn Teal Cape x
Avocet Pied x Flamingo Lesser x Oystercatcher African Black x Tern Caspian x
Barbet Acacia Pied x Flycatcher African Dusky Painted-snipe Greater Tern Common x
Batis Cape Flycatcher Fiscal x Paradise-Flycatcher African Tern Little x
Bee-eater European x Flycatcher Spotted Pelican Great White x Tern Sandwhich x
Bishop Southern Red x Francolin Grey-winged x Penguin African Tern Swift x
Bishop Yellow x Gannet Cape x Pigeon Speckled x Tern Whiskered
Bittern Little Godwit Bar-tailed Pipit African x Tern White-winged
Bokmakierie x Goose Egyptian x Pipit Long-billed Thick-knee Water
Boubou Southern Goose Spur-winged Pipit Plain-backed Thick-knee Spotted
Bulbul Cape x Goshawk African Plover Grey x Thrush Olive x
Bunting Cape x Goshawk Pale Chanting Plover Kittlitz’s x Tit Grey
Bustard Denham’s Grassbird Cape Plover Ringed x Turnstone Ruddy
Buzzard Forest Grebe Black-necked x Plover Three-banded x Turtle-dove Cape x
Buzzard Jackal x Grebe Great Crested x Plover White-fronted x Vulture Cape
Buzzard Steppe x Grebe Little x Pochard Southern Wagtail Cape x
Canary Brimstone Greenbul Sombre Prinia Karoo x Warbler Victorin’s
Canary Cape Greenshank Common x Quail Common Warbler Willow
Canary Forest Guineafowl Helmeted x Rail African x Waxbill Common
Canary Whitethroated x Gull Grey-headed Raven White-necked x Waxbill Swee
Canary Black-headed x Gull Hartlaub’s x Reed-warbler African Weaver Cape x
Canary Yellow x Gull Kelp x Robin-chat Cape x Wheatear Capped x
Chat Familiar Hamerkop Rock-jumper Cape Whimbrel Common x
Cisticola Cloud Harrier Black x Rock-thrush Cape White-eye Cape x
Cisticola Grey-backed Harrier-hawk African Roller European Whydah Pin-tailed
Cisticola Levaillant’s x Heron Black-headed x Ruff x Woodpecker Cardinal
Cisticola Zitting Heron Goliath Rush-warbler Little x Woodpecker Ground
Coot Red-knobbed x Heron Greenbacked Sandpiper Common x Woodpecker Olive
Cormorant Bank Heron Grey x Sandpiper Curlew x
Cormorant Cape x Heron Purple Sandpiper Wood Total Seen 119
Cormorant Crowned x Heron Squacco Saw-wing Black
Cormorant Reed x Honeybird Brown-backed Scrub-robin Karoo x
Cormorant White-breasted x Honeyguide Greater Secretarybird
Coucal Burchell’s Honeyguide Lesser Seed-eater Streaky-headed
Crake Black x Hoopoe African Shelduck South African
Crane Blue x Ibis African Sacred x Shoveler Cape x
Crested-Flycatcher Blue-m Ibis Glossy x Siskin Cape
Crombec Long-billed Ibis Hadeda x Snake-Eagle Black-chested
Crow Cape Kestrel Lesser Snipe African
Crow Pied x Kestrel Rock x Sparrow Cape x
Cuckoo Black Kingfisher Brown-hooded Sparrow House
Cuckoo Diederik x Kingfisher Giant Sparrow S. Grey-headed x
Cuckoo Klaas’ Kingfisher Malachite Sparrowhawk Black
Cuckoo Red-chested Kingfisher Pied x Sparrowhawk Rufous-chested
Cuckooshrike Black Kite Black-shouldered x Spoonbil African x
Curlew Eurasian x Kite Yellow-billed x Spurfowl Cape x
Darter African x Knot Red Starling Common x
Dove Laughing x Lapwing Black-smith x Starling Pied x
Dove Namaqua x Lapwing Crowned Starling Red-winged
Dove Red-eyed x Lark Cape Clapper Stilt Black-winged x
Dove Rock Lark Cape Long-billed Stint Little x
Dove Tambourine Lark Largebilled x Stonechat African x
Drongo Fork-tailed Lark Redcapped Stork White
Duck African Black Lark Spike-heeled Sugarbird Cape
Duck Fulvous Longclaw Cape x Sunbird Amethyst
Duck Maccoa Mallard x Sunbird Malachite x
Duck White-backed Marsh-Harrier African x Sunbird Orange-breasted
Duck White-faced Martin Banded x Sunbird Souther Double-C x
Duck Yellow-billed x Martin Brown-throated x Swallow Barn x
Eagle Booted x Martin House Swallow Greater Striped
Eagle Martial Martin Rock x Swallow Pearl-breasted
Eagle Verreaux’s Masked-weaver Southern x Swallow White-throated x
Eagle-Owl Cape Moorhen Common x Swamphen African Purple x
Eagle-Owl Spotted x Mousebird Red-faced Swamp-warbler Lesser x
Egret Cattle Mousebird Speckled x Swift African Black
Egret Great Mousebird White-backed x Swift Alpine
Egret Little x Neddicky Swift Common
Falcon Lanner Night-Heron Black-crowned Swift Little x
Falcon Peregrine Nightjar Fiery-necked x Swift White-rumped
Fiscal Common x Olive-pigeon African Tchagra Southern
Fish-Eagle African Ostrich Common x Teal Hottentot
Teal Red-billed

On the social side, we were, as usual, well catered for, with everybody putting in their particular contributions.  It was a fun-filled outing and it provided an opportunity for getting to know more birds as well as each other!