Season’s Greetings


The Hermanus Bird Club wishes all its members and readers a very happy and blessed holiday.  If you are on the road, travel safely and enjoy your time with friends and family.

Remember to keep your eyes peeled for those special birds which may occur in your area.

We look forward to seeing you again in 2019 and hope that somebody with some minimal accounting skills will step forward and take on the position of Club Treasurer. This is a serious request, as the club will be without a Treasurer next year.  Come on – do your bit for the HBC!!

The Intermittent Blogger


Sadly, your editor will be a away for most of May, so the blog will be silent for that period.  I shall be birding in Botswana and Zimbabwe, so hope to bring back some interesting stories about the birds encountered.  Craig assures me that he will keep members up to date via their email, so you should not miss out.

Bye For Now

Dear fellow bird watchers,

Our time here in Hermanus has come to an end and we must fly back to Austria . We take along beautiful impressions of birds, nature and lovely people.  It was a privilege getting to know you all. We will treasure the memories in our hearts.

Thank you so much

We hope to see you all in November

Gertrud and Wolfgang Furthmayr

Challenge 2017/18


I have just spent the last two weeks up at Wilderness. When we got there I set myself a personal challenge – I didn’t achieve it, but was 5 species short of my target.

What’s that got to do with our CHALLENGE. The challenge is not set up so intimidate anyone. It’s a chance to hone your own birding skills in areas close by over a few months. The challenge is for your knowledge to be improved by you challenging yourself. Graham puts the numbers together each month, but where you are on the list is really not the point. Wherever you are on the list means that you are out there, exploring areas where birding is known to exist and learning.

So please consider joining the challenge – it costs R25.00 to enter. And yes, I will be entering and I know that I will be nowhere near the really good birders in the club – but after the challenge I will know a heap more!!

Best wishes


The Chairman shows his hand


Chairman Craig Holmes has more than a handful of new  Committee members for the new Bird Club year. In fact, he has half a dozen.

In his latest Chirp, Craig points out not only the portfolios of the newcomers, but also some of the plans for the year.

He confesses that he will have to pull his socks up in the Hermanus Bird Club Challenge – and then challenges other Club members to take part in the Mini Big Birding Day.

To read the latest Chirp, click on “Craig’s Chirp” above.

To look at the planned activities for the year, click on “Programme 2017”.

To see the particulars of the new Committee in a nutshell, click on “Contact us”.

What should we do about the Quiz?


Is the Club’s annual Quiz in July a lost case?

It always goes with soup and sherry. This year wine was added. And everybody seemed to enjoy it.

This year the format was changed. Teams were mixed to form combinations of strong and less strong birders, giving everyone a chance to do well.

To add more excitement, the two local bird clubs each had a team participating in the other’s quiz.

“Despite the changes and the excitement, there was such a disappointing turn-out at our Quiz that I wonder if we should drop it from the calendar,” says Chairman Craig in his latest “Chirp”.  He would love to hear members’ comments.

Read the latest “Chirp”, dealing with this issue, and others,  by clicking the link above.

Craig’s latest Chirp


The year began with an interesting variety of mostly good birding in a variety of weather conditions.

Cruises on a river were followed by a visit to a beautiful nature reserve.

Members attending the annual general meeting were entertained by a fascinating presentation on taxidermy. They also heard of the resignation of two Committee members, who were replaced by an experienced Club member and a newcomer.

In stall for this month are an ocean cruise and a Mini Big Birding Day.

Read the Chairperson’s views on these and more by clicking on the link to Craig’s Chirp above.

Craig’s first Chirp of 2016


Why should you still join this year’s Club Bird Challenge three weeks after it started?

Which Committee member is stepping down at the next Annual General Meeting?

How will Club members get their Club and other birding news without the bi-monthly Oystercatcher?

How could you get involved with the Penguin and Seabird Sanctuary in Kleinbaai?

What new birding trips should be announced soon?

Find the answers in “Craig’s Chirp” by clicking on the menu above. That is where the Chairperson’s monthly comments will be published from now on.

Beginners Course 11 & 12 March

We are delighted to announce that Mike Ford has agreed to run his popular beginners course for members at the Fernkloof Hall on the 11th & 12th March 2014. The course will be from 09:00 to 12:00 on both days and refreshments will be served at tea-time.
The cost is R100.00 per member and includes course notes.

To enrol, please contact Barbara on

BirdLife SA report

BirdLife SA reports that Bronwyn Maree has won the prestigious Future for Nature Award 2014! This is an international, competitive award for young conservationists and Bronwyn, one of three winners, was chosen from a total of 126 applications from 58 countries. In addition to international recognition, this award carries a purse of €50 000 for each winner. Bronwyn leads the acclaimed Albatross Task Force of BirdLife South Africa, undertaking work to prevent unnecessary deaths of seabirds during fishing operations. Congratulations Bronwyn on a well-deserved award!
Read more about it in the media release

Hermanus Bird Club congratulates Bronwyn on her achievement and wishes her and her team continued success in their work.