Things are Moving!

Your club held a Committee Meeting this morning which should be of interest to all members. Sadly, it was without John Saunders, our erstwhile Chairman, who has resigned from the committee due to ongoing health problems. We wish him well and extend our very sincere thanks to him and Irene, both of whom have always worked so hard for the club.

Ronnie stood in for a couple of weeks, but we now have a new committee comprising Craig and Barbara as Co-Chair, Johan as Treasurer, Margaret as Secretary, Ed in charge of Outings and Speakers, Guy looking after Projects and Ronnie doing the Blog. Unfortunately Sue has resigned, so we are looking for a volunteer to take over membership, local communications and catering. Please contact Barbara if you are available. Since we will require Covid Vaccination Certificates in order to attend meetings, please get your jabs before applying!

We hope to get the club active again, so please watch this space for news of walks, outings and meetings which are in the planning stage.

Serious Admin Matters

February is the month for our AGM, but Covid is preventing any form of gathering, so we will have to make do virtually. Sadly, we have lost our Secretary, as Monika has resigned from the committee. Our most urgent business is therefore to appoint a new committee. At this stage it looks as if we need two new members, one to be Secretary and one to handle Walks and Talks. Obviously neither will be very onerous with the ongoing shutdown, but things may pick up as the year progresses. We are looking for volunteers or nominations for these two posts, to be confirmed once we have our virtual meeting on or around the 19th.

Please forward your suggestions and/or comments to John at or at 0789559785. Failure to find these positions will compromise our Club and we ask that you seriously consider getting involved. Running a successful club should be an enjoyable and stimulating exercise!

Your Committee – or Lack Thereof


Not for the first time, we are calling for volunteers to serve on the HBC Committee.  From the previous lack of response, one gets the impression that there are too many members who just want to be entertained, but who aren’t prepared to assist with the running of the club.  We really are in need of a treasurer (Keith has done this job for years and is only helping out in the absence of somebody new) as well as someone to run the ‘Walks and Talks’ portfolio.  This is not arduous work, but something that is needed in order to keep the club afloat.  Without committed members, we will simply fold.  There can be no doubting the fact that members enjoy our monthly walks and talks, but someone has to arrange them.  We cannot just expect John to take on everything!  The same goes for the finances!

Come on, people, let’s see some enthusiasm and commitment!

New Committee


Following the AGM held on Wednesday evening, HBC is pleased to announce the new committee for 2019.  The members are:

Chairman; John Saunders,  Deputy Chairman and Blog; Ronnie Hazell,   Treasurer; Keith Brooke-Sumner,   Secretary; Monika von Oppell,   Projects; Guy Redford,   Social Co-ordinator: Sue Franck, and   Walks and Talks: Lester van Groeningen.

We say farewell to departing Committee Members, Craig Holmes, Mike Bryan, Daphne Hutton and Shelagh Peterson, and thank them for all the hard work they have put into keeping the club running smoothly during their tenure in office.

Important Notice


Please note that the AGM will commence on Wednesday 20 Feb at 7:00 pm.  This will be followed by a short presentation on Bird Photography, after which snacks and wine will be served.  

Four committee members are stepping down, leaving the club with a shortfall.  We need a social co-ordinator and a treasurer, so please consider putting your name in the hat, or asking somebody you know to do so.  This is an urgent request!  The club is the responsibility of it’s members and we need volunteers, or we will cease to exist.  Not only that, but we need younger people on the committee.


Call For Nominations


HBC will lose a couple of committee members at our AGM next year and we are calling for nominations for new members, or volunteers to step up and become part of this dedicated team that keeps the wheels turning.  It is an enjoyable experience and we are looking for new blood to ensure that the club continues to grow and provide a stimulating hub for Hermanus birders.


Potential committee members?

Without people who are willing to give a little of their time to the club, it will not be able to function, so please give this matter your urgent attention!

Please send your nominations to Craig at

Time for Change


For the past several years the away outings, not to be confused with the Walks and Talks which are looked after by John Saunders, has been in my portfolio.

It is time for a change and for someone with fresh and bright ideas to take on this role and to join the committee.

The role includes the following functions:

  • Identifying good birding venues and establishing if they have enough suitable accommodation and entertainment venues.
  • Communicating with the venue, establishing if it meets the criteria for the outing, negotiating prices, dates when deposits and full payments are to be made.
  • Putting together of the skeleton itinerary to be communicated whilst costing the per head cost. Confirming with the Treasurer that the calculations are correct and that the venture would not lose any money for the club.
  • Arranging with the Blog administrator that the offer be communicated with all members via the blog
  • Fielding all enquiries and managing the list of participants till the group is full – then creating a wait list.
  • Confirm back to the participants whether they are confirmed or waitlisted.
  • Collect either the deposit or full payment – dependent upon the establishment requirements and once the payments are received communicate with the Treasurer and agree. Thereafter the Treasurer will arrange payment.
  • If a deposit only is received then you will need to collect the balance closer to the date and follow the step above.
  • Based on the original skeleton itinerary, a full and final itinerary needs to be created and sent to all participants.
  • Advise the establishment of the names of the participants together with a full rooming list of who will be sharing with whom.
  • Create catering teams with Captains to arrange that starters, salads and starches and desserts are prepared for each evening
  • As we braai each evening the organiser must purchase firelighters, wood and charcoal for each evenings braais
  • Upon arrival at the destination reconfirm with the establishment the rooming arrangement and the venue for the evening braai, ensuring that sufficient tables and chairs are provided and if possible cutlery and crockery so that the participants don’t have to bring these items to the braai area.
  • If there is inclement weather be able to make immediate arrangements to make the best of the situation.
  • Each evening arrange for the fires to be set up and started so that the participants are able to braai at a reasonable hour.
  • On the last night be sure that a comprehensive list of species seen is agreed by all members
  • Before leaving the establishment be sure that there are no outstanding amounts owing by the HBC and if there such amounts, settle them and claim back from the Treasurer.
  • Where necessary reconcile the accounts for the Treasurer.



With more than 200 members, I am sure that there will be several volunteers for this important job!  Ed.