An appeal from BirdLife SA – and a fantastic prize to be won!


BirdLife South Africa’s staff have been working remotely for almost 12 weeks and, very pleasingly, our team remain hardworking and productive.

The future is not going to be easy, but we’re planning for how we adapt and how we are innovative, especially in terms of fundraising. We need to continue to support our important bird conservation work and, with the world’s current and predicted future economic difficulties, it will certainly not be easy!

One of our 2020 fundraising initiatives is a raffle. The prize was going to be an all-expenses paid birding trip for two to Brazil, but Covid-19 put paid to that prize. We therefore changed it to a R100,000 cash prize.

We’re selling 1000 tickets at R500 each and thus far we have sold just under 500 tickets, so we’re halfway there. We would like to sell the remaining tickets as our organisation needs this funding to support our important work.

I am hoping that each of our 41 affiliated bird clubs would sell 10 tickets, which would mean that we’d then reach our target. I am therefore writing to ask whether Hermanus Bird Club would assist with ticket sales.

The details of the raffle are at and in the attached. Note that the entries close at midnight on 12 July 2020, with the draw taking place three days later.

We’d be grateful for your bird club’s assistance.


Mark D. Anderson

BirdLife SA’s Webinars


Barbara advises as follows:

“Good Afternoon Gentlemen  (this is addressed to John Saunders and me)

I know I am being a pain, but I do not understand your reluctance to inform the HBC’s members about the weekly webinars offered by BLSA, especially as you encourage them to join BLSA.

Since April 14th they have had interesting talks every Tuesday evening and this will continue till 22nd September.

All the members have to do is go to this website:  where they will get all the info about Zoom, how to register for upcoming talks and to get to know the various speakers.   It could not be simpler. 



Barbara, you are not being a pain at all!



Help Conserve SA’s Bird Life!


Albatrosses that have been attacked by mice on Marion Island. Horrific, but true


Many of you are probably aware that the HBC is affiliated to BirdLife South Africa.  Some of you are also members in your own right.  If you are, then please let John Saunders know.

Considering the very valuable work that BLSA does in terms of promoting and implementing bird loss mitigation, please consider going to their website and signing up as a member.  Your contribution will be greatly appreciated and will go towards the vast amount of funding that BLSA needs.

As an example of the work they do, around R30m is now being raised to wipe out the rodents that are killing thousands of Albatrosses on Marion Island.  It is a huge task and without this effort, there will only be more extinctions.  Every little bit helps!

Support for BotSoc !!


The recent exchanges between the Overstrand Municipality and BotSoc require the attention of everyone in Hermanus who is concerned about the preservation of our natural surroundings and the rich flora and fauna that we are privileged to have on our doorstep.  BotSoc has been instrumental in preserving this heritage over along period of time and the idea that it may be wrenched from their curatorship is abhorrent to all.  The attached document indicates so clearly why the Botanical Society and Fernkloof are such an essential and vital ingredient for the community and why it needs to be protected and defended by the community.

Hermanus Botanical Society History and Backgroud

Protect Our Owls

Spotted Eagle Owl

For the last 4 years we have had an Owl come and nest in front of our house, the Cape Spotted Eagle Owl nested on the ground as she had for the past 4 years. She had a lovely  spot at the base of a gum tree with a small aloe in front for protection.  I have been watching her for 5/6 weeks, Daddy Owl was always in one of the trees watching her.  On Tuesday I went out and Mommy Owl was gone, there were 2 little fluff balls, one I think was dead the other was moving, so  presume it was alive, but with Daddy in the tree watching I was not going to go too close. The next morning there were 2 little dead chicks, Daddy still watching.  On the Thursday I went looking for Mommy, I found her dead, not far away, Daddy had changed his position to be able to watch the nest and the dead Mommy.  My thought was that she could have been poisoned.  On Friday morning I took her body to Hermanus Animal Hospital, the verdict is that it was more than likely poison, and they disposed of the body in the right way.

My plea to everyone is not to use rat poison, poor Daddy must have fed her a rat that had been poisoned….so sad.

Sue Holmes

39 Hillside Village,

Fernkloof Estate


Our Stand at the Flower Festival


Once again Pat Redford, aided by Guy, excelled with her wonderful display at the Flower Festival.  The suspended fynbos array was particularly appreciated by many passers by and she did an excellent job with her portrayal of the interdependence of some of our local birds and the fynbos in which they thrive.  Many, many thanks to all the members who contributed images and information.  We owe Pat a great big thank you for all her hard work.  Thanks, too, to the members who gave up their time to man the display



Dear John,

Hope this finds you well. We are putting together a huge ICC effort along the Overstrand coastline for the week of 21 September. This is being done in collaboration with the municipality, the People n Planet campaign of Pick n Pay, Plastics SA and a variety of other role-players – see the attached spreadsheet and our initial media release.

We would like to extend an invitation to HBC members to participate in both our monthly talk by John Kieser of Plastics SA and the coastal cleanup as described in the media release. Details of the coordinators for the various cleanup spots along the coastline will be released in the next 10 days or so.

It will be appreciated if you would forward this invitation to your members.


With appreciation and warm regards.


Dr. Anton Odendal

          BirdLife Overberg

Manager: CleanMarine campaign



          (c): +27 82 550 3347




CWACing on the Ivey property

Six members of the club participated in the Annual CWAC event on Sunday morning.  This involved trying to count all the waterbirds along the section of the Klein River lagoon that is open to the public.  It was a daunting task and we counted many birds, mainly Red-knobbed Coots, but also many others.  It was a beautiful morning and we really enjoyed the peace and quiet of the water’s edge.

Agulhas National Park Event


Dear fellow birder,

The Agulhas National Park is celebrating its 20th ‘birthday’ to celebrate this the Agulhas National Park and the SANParks Honorary Rangers: Agulhas Region are co-hosting a 24 Hour Birding Bash on the 06/07 September 2019 in partnership with the Agulhas Plain Birding Project.  The brochure is attached herewith.

All funds raised go towards projects in the Agulhas National Park.

The online entry form is available at the link below as well as some information on the event and the competition rules:

SANParks Agulhas 24-hour Birthday Birding Bash

For more information on the Birding Bash please visit Western Cape Birding events page or the Honorary Rangers Webpage.

Please do share the 24 Hour Birding Bash information with your fellow birders and Like and Share the Facebook advertisement.

Should you need any further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

We look forward to your participation in support of the Agulhas National Park.

Kind regards,

Klaas and Linda Steyn

+27 82 320 1198 (Klaas)

+27 82 940 4304 (Linda)