With regret, we must inform members that there appears to be little appetite for the MMBBD which was to have taken place on Sunday.  A number of participants are no longer available and the Quarter-Final Rugby match between the Springboks and Japan is really what most people want to watch, so we will try to re-schedule this event for 2020.

In the meantime, do keep up your birding for the Challenge, which is no doubt getting hot with the return of the Summer migrants.  Our next reporting date is at the end of November and we look forward to some good numbers!

Mini Mini Birding Big Day


Our MMBBD event will be held on Sunday 20 October.  We will start at 7:00 am and stay out until 1:00 pm.  Then we will assemble at 1:30 pm (so that you have a chance to go home and collect your lunch) in Fernkloof for a get-together and picnic, and an opportunity to compare results.  A number of experienced ‘guides’ have volunteered to lead newer, or less experienced members during the morning.  This will extend their local knowledge and get them more interested in participating in future events.  So far we have Ed Meyer, Graham and Barbara Palmer, John and Irene Saunders, Peter and Marie Dagg, Ronnie and Renee Hazell, and John and Sheelagh Bowman as leaders.

We will gather in Fernkloof on the morning of 20 October at 7:00 am at which time we will allocate people to teams of three or four.  Everybody is welcome and if your name is not mentioned here it does not mean that you cannot lead a team. The idea is to get as many members as possible participating in a fun event.  This is not a competition.  Please turn up and bring your morning snacks and ideas for where to go, as the area will be completely open, the only restriction being time.  Provided birds have been previously seen by team members they may be identified by calls, and all birds must be identified by at least two team members.