Our Stand at the Flower Festival


Once again Pat Redford, aided by Guy, excelled with her wonderful display at the Flower Festival.  The suspended fynbos array was particularly appreciated by many passers by and she did an excellent job with her portrayal of the interdependence of some of our local birds and the fynbos in which they thrive.  Many, many thanks to all the members who contributed images and information.  We owe Pat a great big thank you for all her hard work.  Thanks, too, to the members who gave up their time to man the display

Photographs Please


Pat Redford needs clear images of the following plants, with or without birds.  Please contact her at patred@iafrica.com if you are able to assist


 Indigenous Plants attractive to endemic birds of the Western Cape:

Leucospernum conacarpodendron (grey tree Pincushion, yellow flowers)

Leucosprenum erubescens (orange Pincushion)

Protea magnifica (Queen or bearded Protea)

Protea cynaroides (King Protea)

Protea burchelli (Burchell’s sugarbush, cream to deep carmine blooms, black tips)

Protea repens (Sugarbush, white, pale pink to deep red)

Salvia africana lutea (Dune Salvia, brown/coffee colour)

Kalanchoe (Fire Engine Red)

Tecoma capensis (Cape Honeysuckle, red, orange, yellow)

Erica caffra (Water heath, small white flowers, scented)

Aloe arborescens (Krans aloe)

Call for Volunteers


We still need two volunteers to assist with the manning of the HBC stand at the Fernkloof Flower Show.  The open slots are from 09h00 to 13h00 on Saturday the 21 Sept (with Craig Holmes) and from 09h00 to 13h00 on Tuesday the 24 Sept (with Mike Bryan).  This is not an onerous task and you owe it to your club to support this venture!

Fernkloof Flower Festival

Kaapse Suikervoël Promerops cafer R773 courtesy Matt McCluskey New York

Cape Sugarbird

Pat Redford will be once again setting up and running our exhibit at the Fernkloof Flower Festival.  She writes,

“Officially, the search is now on for good, clear photos to be used for our Bird Club stand at the Flower Show in September. The theme : “Fynbos4U” is this years’ Flower Show theme, so it makes sense to feature those birds which frequent the Fynbos for nectar, water, insects, seeds or make use of the fynbos for nesting and perches.

If members have any pix they are happy to share, with this theme in mind, please could they email them to : patred@iafrica.com sooner rather than later.

The pix will need to be larger than 50KB preferably, in order to reproduce clearly. Whilst we do have several good pix from the previous years, it is always wonderful to have a selection to choose from.

Many thanks in advance!”